Solar Eclipse at the New Moon January 15th 2010

The New Year really starts at this first New Moon. All New Moons are powerful but an eclipse is especially so.

Look at the chart and you can see that there are 5 planets and the North Node (destiny) in Capricorn.

Our consciousness is ‘rebooted’ at an eclipse
At the time of an eclipse the stream of solar energy – ultra violet, x rays and electromagnetic energy – is interrupted for a few minutes. It’s a day for meditation and going within. It’s not a time for launching a new business. Wait a day or two.

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New Moon December 16th 2009 : Adventure and Intensity

New Moon Theme of the Month: Adventure and Intensity NEW MOON: 16th December Sun and Moon 24 degrees Sagittarius The New Moon on December 16th is rich in symbolism. It is in the last fire sign of Sagittarius and forms a striking square aspect to Uranus the ‘wild card’ planet of sudden change in the element of water.

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