The Future is in Your Hands- Clearing Karma

Venus-Sun conjunction and the Crystal Gazer.
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The Crystal Ball detail from painting by John William Waterhouse
The Crystal Ball detail from painting by John William Waterhouse

Have you been affected by the transit of Mercury in Pisces? In the last few days it has passed over Chiron and been forming positive connections with Saturn, The Sun and Venus.

Dreams may have been vivid, and sleep interrupted with the high octane energy produced as the Sun passed over Uranus (God of Chaos) and making a tense square to Pluto (God of the Underworld).

For me, the Easter holiday has been a time of going within, and allowing messages to arrive as they will.

Venus-Sun Conjunction

The Venus Sun Conjunction on March 28th has an effect that lasts for 9 months.

Astrologer Gary Caton reminded me of the importance of the Sabian symbol for the degree of the zodiac where this occurred.

Sabian symbols are symbolic messages of every degree of the zodiac. They were ‘born’ from a partnership between a renowned psychic Elsie Wheeler, and astrologer Marc Edmund Jones in 1922.

Gary writes:-
The sign and house of any Sun-Venus conjunction is often a clear focus of Venusian activity for the subsequent nine months. I’ve also found that when a transiting Sun-Venus conjunction contacts a natal planet, the person’s experience of that natal planet undergoes a profound shift.

He refers to the work of other well known astrologers:-

“Ruperti felt that the house placement of the transiting conjunction could be a place of Venusian problems (and a need to review one’s values), or of Venusian fulfillment.”

“Blaschke considered the degree of the inferior conjunction to be important in relationship analysis. He believed that if it was conjoined to the Sun or Moon, a planet, or angle in the birth chart or secondary progressed chart, it could herald the arrival of a significant relationship. Blaschke also asserted that the effect is felt for 19 months in the case of Venus.”

Look to find it in your chart, its 8 degrees Aries.

The Sabian symbol is ‘A Crystal Gazer.’

“The whole picture is in front of you but you need to interpret its meaning. With a little concentrated effort you will be able to see clearly.
There is the ability to observe things that others may miss.

Looking ahead to see the signs. Flashes of inspiration. Try really tuning in and looking within for answers. Creative inner visualisation. Aura readings.

Negative: being confused by the literal meaning instead of understanding the symbolic message. Always looking this way and that, but not at the centre, for the answers. Getting lost in the big picture.”

Lynda Hill and Richard Hill ‘Sabian Symbols as an Oracle

Angel in the sky
Angel in the sky

Angel in the Sky- The new Pope is elected

This image (pictured right) appeared in the sky at dusk in Florida on the day Pope Francis was elected.

It was reported in the Huffington Post, a reputable newspaper in the US.

Pope Francis is a Sun sign Sagittarian, with the Moon and Venus in Aquarius, the sign of humanity.

Saint Francis of Assisi was also a Sagittarian with Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio.

Special Offers on Inspirational Upcoming Workshops

Pieter Veltevrede
Sun yantra by Pieter Veltevrede

Sacred Mandalas April 18th

If you would like to have your own personal yantra- a beautiful way to remedy your birthchart- then take a look at BAVA’s Annual Conference in London.

It has a really special workshop with sacred artist Pieter Veltevrede entitled ART AND VEDIC ASTROLOGY

He will guide you through practical, creative exercises for spiritual growth. You will create your own Sacred Navagraha Yantra Painting – so this is a hands-on experience.

Pieter will supply paints and brushes and the yantras will be drawn already. Participants will fill in the colours.

Chuck SpezzanoChuck Spezzano May 17th-20th

My friend and mentor will be in the UK on May 17th-19th for a 3 day workshop in London entitled ‘Healing Comes from the Heart’.

Chuck is quite simply, the best coach and trainer on relationships and spirituality. He’s also great fun.

My friend Avril has kindly offered to hold the EarlyBird price of £315 for my subscribers for the 3 day workshop. (This expired on March 22nd for the public).

Just mention Pam or Healing Stars and contact Avril on 07811 190 603 or via her website to get this discount.

Solar Eclipse May 10th- a time for clearing karma
Solar Eclipse May 10th- a time for clearing karma

Clearing Karma- Receiving Abundance Workshop May 11th/12th

There are certain times in the year when karma can be cleared- this weekend encompasses one of them. 

Timed a day after the powerful South Node Solar Eclipse we have the opportunity to break free of the past, to clear karma and access the Third Eye, thus opening to our Vision and abundance which is our birth right.

The astrology of this weekend is extra special.

  • According to renowned astrologer Stephanie Austin “The eclipse realigns the earth’s electromagnetic field and our own individual energy field. Eclipses function to delete old programmes and upload new templates. They mark the ending of a 19 year cycle and the beginning of a new direction.”
  • Eclipses stimulate the pineal gland, the ‘seat of our soul’ and the Third Eye. This is our inner vision and creativity. They facilitate awakening and awakening of our soul’s blueprint.
  • 3 planets are close to the South Node, helping clear past karma:-
    Mars acts as the Spiritual Warrior
    Mercury is the Messenger- the guide to the Underworld and our unconscious mind which has all the answers
    The Sun, the Light and Source illuminates and brings conscious awareness
  • The Moon joins Venus and Jupiter which is highly auspicious.
  • Vedic Astrology May 12th is the only day in the entire year when both the Sun and Moon are exalted. It is called Akshaya tritiya and is believed to bring good luck and success.

Just 10 places and a BONUS if you enroll before April 12th.



*NB. Planets aren’t actually doing anything to us. Rather there is a synchronicity -“As above, so below”.

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