Venus Ritual Opening The Third Eye Chakra

Venus Ritual at the 6th Star Gate of The Third Eye

This Venus ritual is an intention. If you want more love in your life, and to connect with your inner goddess, then this Venus ritual connects you with a shamanic process. It focuses on reclaiming your true feminine power and inner wisdom. This is true for both men and women.

Fire is the natural element of the Sun, so lighting candles symbolizes this energetically.

tea lightsTo prepare for the Venus Ritual:

Line up 13 tea lights or candles in a line (preferably in a corridor with the lights off.) Each one represents a planet and includes the nodes of the Moon. The ritual is to step along the line, speaking each affirmation in turn.

  • Take time for appreciation of your True Authority and Magical Powers.
  • Place precious items that represent magic for you- a rod/staff/magical wand. Light candles, burn frankincense- create an altar for Venus as the Goddess of Wisdom Pallas Athena.
  • What is your heart’s desire? Write a wish list on pink or green paper for your spiritual, financial, relationship and health goals. Laminate it and read each sentence every day with your finger following the sentences on the paper.

Venus Ritual

The Chart above is set for London, UK at 8am on January 2nd 2017

However, rituals are all about intention, so  you can perform it on Tuesday or Wednesday night as Venus, Mars and the crescent Moon are all visible as they set in the west.

The chart is ruled by Capricorn in the UK, and you can use this symbolically as it connects you to the Inner Guidance of  the Goddess of Wisdom -Pallas Athena, the Wise Man/Woman Archetype.

  • The Moon/Venus in Aquarius are making a sextile to Saturn-the planet of commitment.
  • Jupiter in Libra is in the sign of Venus. Jupiter brings hope, optimism, good fortune and faith in the future.
  • There is a positive trine of the co-rulers of Aquarius. Saturn -the old – links hands with Uranus-the new.
  • The asteroid Pallas Athena is in Pisces. She represents Creative Wisdom

Song: ‘Now we Are Free’ from The Gladiator

You may like to play this song as you walk. Its one of my favourites and is very uplifting.

Whenever I hear this song I get goosebumps, especially when I hear the word ‘shalom’ which mean peace.

In the movie The Gladiator Russel Crowe plays the part of a warrior, a man who uses his skills as a leader to unite the gladiators. The soldiers had a belief in the afterlife known as Elysium-so death was not feared.

As he dies he recalls his life, his friends and his lovers. His heart is full because now he will be reunited with his dead wife and son. Death is merely a gateway to Paradise- and he enters willingly.

After setting it up and with intention, slowly walk this path.

There are 13 steps. As you meet each candle/ tea light reflect on the quality of the planet, integrate its message and move on. This process is meant to be helpful and healing.

Rebirth go can be a powerful healing process. Take your time but don’t get caught in taking too long! Each step is approx. 1 -2 mins maximum.

  1. Love and Relationships: Venus in Aquarius I Desire True Equality in all Relationships.
  2. Feelings: Moon in Aquarius I Nurture Friendships and Join with Others in Like Minded Groups.
  3. Past Lives: South Node in Pisces I Will Learn the Lessons of the Past and Receive their Messages Through My Dreams.
  4. Transcendence: Neptune in Pisces I Believe in a Higher Power in the Universe.
  5. Spiritual Warrior:  Mars in Pisces I Commit to Activate Compassion in myself so I can use my Sword of Truth Kindly.
  6. Healing: Chiron in Pisces I Will Build a Rainbow Bridge to Heal All Wounds That Have Disconnected Me from The Source.
  7. Liberation: Uranus in Aries I Initiate Innovation and Welcome Changes in My Life.
  8. Destiny: North Node in Virgo I Seek My Destiny and Focus on Priorities through Listening to Mercury.
  9. Faith: Jupiter in Libra I find Joy as I Expand and Bless all my Loving Relationships.
  10. Structure: Saturn in Sagittarius
    I Seek Truth and Understanding. I Let Go of Self-defeating Beliefs That Have Been Holding Me Back so I May Nurture Faith, Hope, and Vision.
  11. Communication: Mercury in Capricorn I Commit to Reviewing my Sacred Promise to Embrace my True Authority and be the Author of My Life.
  12. Leadership: Sun in Capricorn I take command of my life responsibly and with integrity and honour myself and others.
  13. Pluto in Capricorn I Commit to Facing my Shadow and Embracing my Authentic Power to Transform my Life.