April Full Moon in Scorpio-A time for healing

This April Full Moon in Scorpio is intense

This Full Moon is intense as occurs in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars and Pluto joined in Capricorn on Friday April 26th at midday BST are still very close at the Full Moon.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus- the Earth Mother, but its more connected with the Dark Goddesses in Scorpio. These are Kali, Pele, Hecate and Lilith amongst many others.

Scorpio’s realm is the underworld, The Dark, the Shadow. Its the realm of magic and the wisdom of The Sorceress. Transformation is its strength. However this isn’t necessarily an easy process.

Scorpio is a deep emotional water sign. So this full Moon may bring up emotional and psychological issues that you felt you’ve dealt with. Especially because Mars joins Pluto, both rulers of the sign of Scorpio.

Pluto can bury what it touches, but Mars as the planet of action stirs things up. Pluto is an outer planet that affects world events.

You may have felt disquiet or even dread if you are sensitive with planetary energy. You may be feeling raw and vulnerable and emotions can be triggered. However emotional truths can come up for healing. This arrived in my mailbox:-

Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say: Something is important here; otherwise, I would not be feeling this negative emotion. What is it that I want? And then simply turn your attention to what you do want. . . . In the moment you turn your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop; and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin. And—in that moment—your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling good. That is the Process of Pivoting.

Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08 Our Love Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

The Good News

The Moon in Scorpio will move to join Jupiter at 19 degrees Scorpio at 20.11 BST on Monday, so look up into the late evening sky to see them both. This is an auspicious event, so wish upon a star. Plus they will both trine-a flow of energy to Mars and Pluto. Miracles can happen!

The Eagle Animal Medicine Card by Jamie Sams

The Eagle- Raise Our Vibration

Scorpio has 3 symbols- the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix. Once we move beyond the rather negative scorpion, we can access the vision of the eagle.

I envisage this Full Moon as an opportunity for all of us- especially my fellow Scorpios -to raise our vibration to that of the Eagle-the Visionary and then the Dove-symbol of peace along with the Phoenix symbol of Rebirth.

While writing this newsletter I sought Divine guidance from my deck of The Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

I pulled the Eagle card!

Eagle medicine is reminding you to take heart and gather your courage. The Universe is presenting you with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of your life. ….. This may come in the form of a spiritual test. In learning to fiercely attack your personal fear of the unknown, the wings of your soul will be supported by the ever present breezes which are the breath of Great Spirit.”

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