Electrifying New Moon in Aries April 16th

uranus and lighteningThere is massive nervous tension at this New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries joins Uranus. The cosmic pattern is revolutionary change. Uranus is electrifying and evolutionary. Big shifts are happening this week as Mercury moves direct, Chiron changes sign into Taurus and Saturn goes retrograde.

Mercury direct on 15th in Aries

Mercury Retrograde in Aries- always blamed for communication problems, has just moved direct- at last.

As I wrote at the full moon, Mercury is currently retrograding through the 3 fire signs this year- Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Look at those areas of your chart, you’ll see what the Winged Messenger wants you to look at in-depth and bring to life. The fire signs are pioneering (Aries) creative (Leo) and visionary (Sagittarius). This is a year to trust your inspirations and act on them. Now Mercury is direct those inspirations can be birthed.

Best time to Launch?

After April 15th Mercury will be direct and Mars well on it way having passed Saturn. Use the creative fire of Aries to launch after the New Moon on 16th. I offer a service called ‘Launch with the Stars’ to elect the best date and time of day for a launch. I need to stress that the best time of day is crucial. This week in April has the best date possible in the entire year. However the location and time of day are crucial!!!

The Bad News: Mars is sandwiched in between Pluto and Saturn

This is seen in the world as the US, Uk and France launched an attack on Syria’s chemical bases. Saturn Pluto conjunctions can symbolise Ground Zero, add Mars-the God of War into the mix and yes, we are on the brink of war. My prayer is that diplomacy and that the vote of the UN will win the day.

Mars joining Pluto can expose all that has been hidden. The recent news of investigations into Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen could bring Trump’s Presidency to an end. Read this article in the New Yorker Magazine>

The Good News: Moon joins Venus in Taurus

There is beauty in the night sky on 17th as The Moon and Venus join in the sign of Taurus at 23.04 BST. However the actual time it will be below the horizon. On the 18th you can see it as the crescent Moon will be close by. In Shamanic Astrology this means that as an Evening Star Venus- the Goddess-is returning to Heaven and awakening the 2nd Chakra of creativity.

Chiron into Aries

Chiron changes sign on April 17th into Aries, until September 26th when it retrogrades back into Pisces. In January 2019 it moves into Aries for the next 8 years. This is the Archetype of The Wounded Healer. In Aries the wound is about being a pioneer and going headfirst into new adventures. Chiron is where we are wounded, where we can accidentally wound other, and where we can heal others. At approx. age 50 we experience our Chiron return. Chiron acts in a similar fashion to Uranus-it awakens us and brings to consciousness what needs healing. The Chiron Report I sell below is by Zane Stein, the most respected astrologer and author on this subject.



Chiron Astrology report to buy

This Chiron Report can help you unlock subconscious patterns and free you to move forward on your life’s journey.

Chiron in the birth chart reveals the pain of rejection and abandonment from our parents, psychological wounds that are buried deep because we inherited them.

This Chiron report reveals the story of Chiron as well as the story of the chart. Chiron is currently in the last degree of Pisces-the most sensitive sign of the zodiac.  If you were born in the 60ties you most likely have Chiron in Pisces, so this report will be especially meaningful for you.

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