Aries Full Moon-The Lovers Meet

At this Aries Full Moon relationships are in focus

The reason being that this Aries full moon has the rare meeting of  The Lovers – Mars and Venus in Virgo.

It’s rare because they won’t meet again until August 2019 in Virgo at 4°. With Venus joining Mars the gift is Love, but in Virgo it’s also concerned with Self Care. In Mercury’s sign, communicating our needs with another (without blame) is essential.

For me Botticelli’s painting sums up this energy brilliantly. Mars is looking satisfied, Venus prim and proper. In astrology Venus is not known to be happy in Virgo. However Venus is also looking self contained, relaxed and content.  Virgo is the sign of the Goddess, of health and healing, so taking care of oneself using the energy of Mars to focus feels relevant.

Venus and Mars by Botticelli
This Aries full moon has the rare meeting of The Lovers – Mars and Venus in Virgo. Painting by Botticelli

The main fault of Virgo lies in perfectionism

Time to let it go. This is great when dealing with things. We want to be meticulous when taking medicine. However with people it just doesn’t work. Overlooking mistakes is a healing principle. We all tend to know when we’ve made a mistake, we don’t need others to point it out.

Are you old enough to remember the final scene in the movie ‘Some like it Hot’?

Osgood the millionaire loves Daphne (aka Jerry) and is determined to go through with the marriage. Exasperated, Jerry (Jack Lemmon) removes his wig and shouts, “I’m a man!” Osgood simply responds, “Well, nobody’s perfect.” Mercury’s wit and humour are evident!

Being Centered

The Libra/Aries dynamic calls for equilibrium, rather than the see-saw of the scales. It’s the still point, being centered. When we are centered, grounded and balanced then we can’t fall down. Leaving one’s centre to try to help  is like jumping in to help someone who’s drowning, but we can’t swim! This is sacrifice, and helps no-one.

The Big News-Jupiter into Scorpio and Self Knowledge

jupiter On October 10th, the optimistic planet Jupiter enters the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Jupiter changes sign just once a year so this is a major event. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will feel the blessings of Jupiter, the bringer of joy. Plus the earth signs -Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will also benefit from Jupiter’s blessings.

Jupiter is the planet of purpose, our personal faith. It’s main qualities are justice, the law and the search for individual meaning.

Jupiter brings out the best qualities of Scorpio- the courage to delve beneath the surface to get to the bottom of things. It has passion, persistence and is fascinated by all the mysteries of life. Scorpio is aligned with psychology, detective work, the unconscious and rebirth.

From the internet “This is a good time for dealing with outdated psychological patterns, clearing out the basement or embarking on an intense adventure.”

As a Scorpio I am so looking forward to this transit.

Challenging Aspects

Meanwhile we’ll face challenges as Mercury squares Pluto on 9th, the Sun squares Pluto exactly on 10th and Mars squares Saturn on 11th-so potentially three tough days in a row. The Sun brings consciousness and light, so watch the news for secrets to come out into the open.

These aspects will affect you if you have planets between 16 degrees and 23 degrees of the cardinal signs-Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cardinal signs like action; they are the 4 seasons of the year. However squares are testing aspects, based on tension.

Renowned astrologer Bernadette Brady says that squares are “events which are nobody’s fault that force us into a new type of action.  The action is born from frustration.”

Patience is called for. With Venus moving into her own sign of Libra on 14th, life can feel more peaceful if we appreciate the beauty of the season.

One healing principle that can also help, is that every night before sleeping you thank and feel grateful for at least 3 things that have happened in the day. This could be as simple as seeing a child play.

As my mentor and teacher Chuck Spezzano once said- Make gratitude your attitude!

Author and teacher of A Course in Miracles Marianne Williamson says “Seek your peace in the midst of chaos – not to avoid or ignore it, but to endure and transform it.”



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