December 2011: Full Moon Eclipse and Uranus moves direct

rainbow and lightening
This photo is a rare photo of a rainbow and a storm.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Uranus moves direct

Mercury moves direct on December 14th

Searching for an image that captures the astrology of this full moon astrological weather, I found this photo.

“Rainbows and powerful storms are the Yin and Yang of meteorological phenomena.
Colourful yet ethereal, the former often appear as archways into other worlds in popular mythology.
Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz wasn’t the first to dream of a better life somewhere over the rainbow; neither was she the first to get swept up in the violent thrall of a sudden tornado.”

The photo sums up the contrast in energy between Uranus- the lightening- and Chiron- The Rainbow Bridge which are now coming together in a positive relationship in the heavens.

The message is – anything can happen – if we believe it.

The power of our minds to bring about positive change is something I know is true from the evidence I witness every day with my clients, and in my own life.

This full moon is a lunar eclipse plus Uranus is also stationing to go direct (just before the eclipse) at the beginning of Aries.

As Mercury is still retrograde until the early hours of December 14th, have patience around computers and all things electrical- they can act up. Its always wise to wait until Mercury is in forward motion to buy new electrical goods, so hold off purchases until mid week.

Life can truly improve after 22nd at the Winter Solstice when the Sun forms an exact trine with Jupiter.

And for the real Christmas treat- Jupiter (King of the Gods) goes direct late in the evening on Christmas day.

Changing habits

Beliefs and Habits

The Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, so the planets Jupiter and Mercury are in focus. Jupiter represents our beliefs, Mercury is the planet of curiosity-it asks questions.

Or another way to put it- Jupiter is the right intuitive brain, Mercury the left -logical and analytical. We need both, and this is the perfect time to integrate them.

Uranus as the planet of Change, but also Chaos, asks us- Are you willing to make major changes in your life?

An article published by the New York Times examines this, and poses the question:  ‘Can You Become a Creature of New Habits?

Author Janet Rae Dupree says:

“Rather than dismissing ourselves as unchangeable creatures of habit, we can instead direct our own change by consciously developing new habits. In fact, the more new things we try, the more we step outside our comfort zone and the more inherently creative we become, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.

But don’t bother trying to kill off old habits; once those ruts of procedure are worn into the hippocampus, they’re there to stay. Instead, the new habits we deliberately ingrain into ourselves create parallel pathways that can bypass those old roads.

Researchers in the late 1960s discovered that humans are born with the capacity to approach challenges in four primary ways: analytically, procedurally, relationally (or collaboratively) and innovatively.

At puberty, however, the brain shuts down half of that capacity, preserving only those modes of thought that have seemed most valuable during the first decade or so of life.” (my italics)

Uranus urges us to change our minds.

However we need new habits, and just one small change each day can benefit us immensely.

Initiation and Birth

Inner Child Six Hearts
Inner Child tarot deck: The Six of Hearts

Uranus is poised and moving forward at the first degree of Aries- the first sign of the zodiac. This is the birth of something new. And just to remind you that you do have the immense courage for birth- after all you survived the most difficult change of energy when you arrived in this world.

We are being asked -as a collective-to move into new territory. Uranus was at the same degree last year at the Spring Equinox March 2011, so recall what plans you had back then. It’s time to revise and relaunch them!

For instance, I launched my first YouTube video in March and called my blog Entering The Birth Canal. In it I wrote about Kiara Windrider, an amazing author who I met on his workshop in September and whose website I am now redesigning!

Such is the power of intention.

The tarot cards that I love for their innocence and positivity are by Isha Lerner- The Inner Child deck. This card sums up that energy of a rebirth:

It is an ancient belief that storks are heralds of new life. They are seen frequenting ponds and marshes, which has given rise to the belief that the spirits of unborn children wait in these places, seeking a new mother or a new life.

Thus, storks are known as soul carriers.

In this card, something holy is occurring. Five mermaids are joining with each other and rising from the sea.

The sixth mermaid, flying upon a stork, is offering a spiritual lifeline from above.

In ecstasy, the five emerge from the ocean, representing the unconscious, into the air and sunlight, representing higher revelations. They rejoice as they touch one another and reach skyward.

A transition is taking place. It is as if emotions have surfaced and are now being released. Imagine that the sea has claimed your tears and the Sun is drying your eyes.

This is an inner healing, and one that you deserve.

YouTube Inspiration

This is one of my all time favourite songs: ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’ sung by Neil Diamond.

Birds and flight are ruled by Jupiter and this video is both stunning visually and uplifting emotionally. Faith in the future comes from seeing life from a different perspective – and what better than through the eyes of a white seabird.

This video includes the words, so you can sing along!

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