Winter Solstice: A Ritual For The Rebirth of the Sun

Stonehenge Winter Solstice

The Longest Night

The Winter Solstice marks the longest night and the day that the Sun changes direction* to move North again.

It occurs at 5.30am GMT on December 22nd, so most of us will be asleep in the UK. However you can celebrate it at sunset on the 22nd at 15.47pm.

After dark, if you look toward the west you’ll see Venus in the sign of Aquarius, and if you look toward the east you will see Jupiter in Taurus. Both are bright in the sky.
(Venus sets at approx 18.30pm, Jupiter at 02.46am GMT.)

At this Solstice:-

  • The Sun forms an exact trine (or flow of energy) with Jupiter** This is quite rare and is very good news!
    Jupiter is the planet of faith, of hope and abundance.
    It is the archetype of Father Christmas and gives blessings and grace to whatever it touches.
    In the earthy sign of Taurus it wants to give us pleasure and beauty.
    It’s the sheer joy and gratitude of being alive.
  • The Sun is also close to Pluto- God of the Underworld, which has been happening since 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn.
    Pluto is the Transformer, it destroys only to rebuild, just like the phoenix.
  • The Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, emphasizing this theme of deep transformation.
  • Saturn in Libra is exalted and trines Neptune in Aquarius, so grounding a vision for the future, for the benefit of humanity.
  • The Sun is square to Uranus, so be aware of an overload of nervous energy-take time to slow down and meditate. Stay grounded.
  • Saturn is opposite Jupiter- this is the need to balance over spending or being too Scrooge like!

Solstice Ritual

Fire is element of the Sun, so lighting candles symbolizes the arrival of the light and the rebirth of the Sun.

In the astrological chart of the Solstice all the 4 elements are represented.

A simple ritual is to line up 13 tealights to represent each planet and the nodes of the Moon, and step along the line, speaking each affirmation in turn.

I have given them to you in the order that they rise above the horizon at 5.30am on December 22nd.

Communication: Mercury in Sagittarius
I Seek to Listen to My Higher Mind and Speak from a Place of Truth and Wisdom

Destiny: North Node in Sagittarius
I Seek My Destiny Through Knowing Myself

Leadership: Sun in Capricorn
I Commit to Persevere To Achieve my Goals

Transformation: Pluto in Capricorn
I Commit to Authentic Power To Transform my Life

Love and Relationships: Venus in Aquarius
I Connect With My Soul Group of Like Minds To Help Free Humanity

Transcendence: Neptune in Aquarius
I Understand My Part in The Big Picture

Healing: Chiron in Pisces
I Believe in A Higher Power in the Universe

Liberation: Uranus in Aries
I Initiate Innovation and Change in My Life

Faith: Jupiter in Taurus
I Have Faith in the Abundance of Mother Earth

Past Lives: South Node in Gemini
I Learn the Lessons of the Past and Receive their Messages with a Lightness of Being

Energy and Sexuality: Mars in Virgo
I Overlook Mistakes in Others and Discriminate and Focus on Priorities and Then Take Action

Structure: Saturn in Libra
I Balance Relationships and Work Toward Being of Service to Others

Feelings: Moon in Scorpio
I Desire Passion and am Willing to Dive Deep into my Feelings to Open my Heart and Transform My Life

On a final note, Jupiter is the planet of humour and joy.

One of the funniest stand up comedians I love is Michael McIntyre. I laughed out loud at this sketch entitled The Man Drawer.

I have a ‘man drawer’ – have you?

Have a wonderful Solstice and many Christmas blessings,

Pam x