Emotional New Moon in Cancer June 24th

We are now in the energy of Cancer, ruled by The Moon. Mercury the Messenger is extremely close to this New Moon in Cancer and sets the theme for the month.

On June 21st – the day of the Summer Solstice- Mercury joined the Sun in Cancer and is now an Evening Star, setting after the Sun. This is Mercury in the role as the psychopomp. This is a promise- a suggestion- for us to undertake a deeply emotional journey into the underworld, with the support of our guides.

Psychopomp means the “guide of souls”.

They are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife.

Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply to provide safe passage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopomp

When Mercury is close to the Sun it’s not easy to edit or be impartial with our communications. We may have a hard time getting heard or being taken seriously by authority figures. We can take everything too personally.

In my YouTube video, I discuss this and show that after June 28th all communications become easier as Mercury moves 7 degrees away from the Sun. However, it makes 4 aspects to other planets in the week after the New Moon.

life cycles explainedDates from New Moon to Full Moon in June/July 2017

Virtually every day until the Full Moon on July 9th there is a mixture of positive and negative energies.

26th June Mars trine Neptune, tune into your dreams.

27th June Mercury square Jupiter. Communication can be exaggerated.

28th Mercury trine Neptune, but joins Mars late in the day. Mars is activated, watch out for anger, accidents, egos out of control. Hold back, be patient.

29th Venus inconjunct Saturn, a letting go is needed. Venus is strong in her own sign of Taurus, issues of self-worth can arise. Let go of self-doubt. Now that you are loved and valued.

30th Mercury opposite Pluto- a day trip into the unconscious! It’s happening in the early hours in the Uk, so keep a note of your dreams-they could be powerful.

July 1st Moon joins Jupiter left after sunset, the most auspicious combination. Make a wish upon a Star.

July 1st Chiron goes retrograde at 28 degrees Pisces. Watch my video for more info.

July 2nd Mercury inconjunct Saturn. Saturn can be procrastination, self-doubt, guilt. Let it go!

July 2nd Mars opposite Pluto. This is tough. Be aware of power struggles, would you rather be right or happy?

July 3rd Moon trines the Sun, a positive day!

July 4th Venus sextile Chiron, The wounded Healer. This is a beautifully healing day as Venus below the Pleiades in the early morning. This is a once a year occurrence and is our connection to the 7 Sisters, the goddesses. https://www.naic.edu/~gibson/pleiades/pleiades_myth.html

July 5th Venus moves into Gemini. All Geminis and Virgos will benefit, it’s time to shine. Enjoy Venus changes sign into Cancer on July 31st! Jupiter inconjunct Neptune, let go of fantasies or sacrifice patterns. Mercury trine Chiron, a positive day for spiritual healing.

July 6th Mercury moves into Leo. Be playful and express your gifts. The Sun trine Neptune, but squares Jupiter. A balance is needed. Compassion (Neptune) can override the inflation of Jupiter-being right.

July 7th Mercury sextile Venus. Fantastic day for blogging, launching a website, shopping!

July 8th Day before the Full Moon. No planetary aspects.

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