Full Moon in Leo 2022

leo full moonFull Moon in Leo

This Full Moon is in Leo, a fire sign joining Regulus the Royal Star of Persia. In vedic astrology this is the lunar mansion called Magha that relates to the ancestors.

The news in the Uk is the scandal of Prince Andrew that is rocking the Royal Family. However there appears to be a settlement.

Leo is playful, a heart centered fire sign. In the Osho Zen tarot its the card called Queen of Fire and the concept is Sharing.

With all the negativity in the news, I welcome this energy to get creative.

One simple ritual is to light a candle to invoke the fire energy.

Or a more powerful ritual is when you write down all of your grievances or judgments on any person, institution, government or politician on a piece of paper and burn it. This clears the path to feel more joy in your life.

Queen of Fire tarot card Sharing
Osho Zen Tarot Leo is the Queen of Fire the card called Sharing


“The Queen Of Fire is so rich, so much a queen, that she can afford to give. It doesn’t even occur to her to take inventories or to put something aside for later. She dispenses her treasures without limits, welcoming all and sundry to partake of the abundance, fertility and light that surrounds her.

There is no need to go anywhere or to make any special effort. You find that you can enjoy sensuality without possessiveness or attachment, can give birth to a child or to a new project with an equal sense of creativity fulfilled.

Everything around you seems to be “coming together” now. Enjoy it, ground yourself in it, and let the abundance in you and around you overflow.” Osho Zen tarot

The Lovers Venus and Mars join at this Full Moon on February 16th

This doesn’t happen every day. There is a rare joining at this Full Moon in Leo as Venus and Mars-the Lovers- in the earth sign of Capricorn at 16 degrees. Where is this in your birth chart? These are the Lovers and the balance between the feminine Venus and Mars the masculine -need integrating. In vedic astrology this is called a planetary war. Although Mars is stronger by sign, Venus is higher in the sky so wins this planetary war! Venus rules diplomacy and politics, so I am praying for a peaceful resolution in the Ukraine.

For detailed information please see Vedic Astrologer Edith Hathaway’s brilliant article. https://edithhathaway.com/the-upcoming-30-day-venus-mars-planetary-war/

The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn now strong in Aquarius. As I have written before Saturn promises commitment to the truth and Mastery. Here I repeat what I wrote in my New Moon newsletter:

Commitment gets us through the dead zone, that part of our mind that needs healing from childhood patterns, burn out and the dreaded “Imposter Syndrome”. Saturn is the planet of hard work, however it’s also about Mastery. I offer coaching to heal family patterns and karmic stories brought in from other lifetimes or they may be ancestral that are holding you back right now. Please contact me as I have space for just 4 new coaching clients this month.  I start with the Soul Astrology Consultation. If your birth time is unknown, then I offer an intuitive process to find this out. NEW! I am also working with The Mayan Oracle.

Recent Testimonial

You have given me so much to think about, from discovering my rising sign at last to an introduction to Mayan astrology. It was a fantastic afternoon of discovery about myself and my roots and my potential. I am following up on the reading list (thank you so much for the suggestions – brilliant) and slowly coming to terms with my new persona. The sheer breadth of the reading was really eye opening, as I thought I knew a fair amount about astrology but you opened new pathways for me. So I would warmly recommend a reading with Pam; discovering so many unexpected links and connections has meant that many things are resonating and bells are still ringing!

Thank you so much! All the very best, Marie-Ann

 Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is still in its ‘shadow’ until February 24th, however it is now in the air sign of Aquarius which is positive for communications. It rejoined Pluto for the last time on February 11th. Did you watch the news? Here in the Uk Dame Cressida Rose Dick DBE QPM, a British senior police officer who served as Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis resigned. You can’t make this up!

Courage is needed to make changes.

Mars changed sign on 24th January, into a sign of its exaltation. That means it can give of its best. Mars in Capricorn is focused and has a plan of action. It’s organised and authoritative. Its the Commander in Chief of the army. This is the ideal time of year to write down your goals and set intentions. It moves into Aquarius on 6th March.

However Pluto is still moving slowly through Capricorn. With Venus joining Pluto again on March 3rd issues around love, power and money will be in the news once more.

Key Dates

Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn in traditional astrology and Uranus in modern astrology. It’s represented in the tarot by Temperance.

Saturn demands simplicity, realism and truth wherever it touches our charts.

Saturn in its own sign of Aquarius is ‘strong’. It offers us a down-to-earth view of the world and being grounded. Aquarius connects to our networks, our community and groups of like-minded friends.

  • Keywords: old fashioned principles- duty, honour, integrity, reliability, healthy self-discipline.
  • Saturn asks us to take on the responsibility of living according to our personal truths and principles, and to be loyal to these.
  • The negative can result in being over cautious, procrastination and enslaving oneself and others.
  • A rigid strictness
  • Being overly ambitious combined with a fear of failing
  • Authoritarian. Being repressed by others.

Sun into Pisces
The Sun changes sign and moves into Pisces on February 18th. It will then join Jupiter on March 5th and Neptune on March 13th. These are key dates to access grace and the divine.

Mercury in Aquarius  Mercury is now in Aquarius -an air sign that is connected with groups, networks, community and humanity. Mercury stays in this sign until 10th March when it moves into the emotionally sensitive sign of Pisces.

On 5th November 5th Venus moved into the serious sign Capricorn. Venus is now be in Capricorn until 5th March. It is now direct and will join Pluto on March 3rd.  This last happened on 11th and 25th December 2021.

Venus is connected to values and how much we earn is how much we value ourselves.

Mars- The Warrior
Mars is now in Capricorn- its sign of exaltation until March 6th when in moves into Aquarius.

Jupiter: The Explorer/Teacher
Where Jupiter is placed in your chart is where you find your Faith. Jupiter is now in Pisces from December 29th. Water signs benefit-Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces until May 10th 2022.  It then moves into Aries as it is moving really fast. It re-enters Pisces on October 29th until December 20th 2022.

Saturn: The Strategist/Authority
It is now in Aquarius, a sign it co-rules with Uranus. The theme of last year is Saturn in a tense relationship (a square) with Uranus. This is the old versus the new. Rebellion and protest marches were seen in the news on a daily basis. Which side are you on? Do you obey the rules? Or do you revolt? This last square was on December 24 but it is still ‘in orb’. Jupiter is now strong in its own sign of Pisces so can balance its effect.

Neptune: The Dreamer/Visionary
The date that is most important is April 12th when Jupiter joins Neptune in Pisces. More in my next newsletter as I am now working with The Mayan Oracle.

Uranus- The Renegade/Awakener is now direct
Uranus takes approx 7 years to go through a sign and always brings change/revolution. It is the planet that rules inventions and genius. Its now in Taurus (May 2018-April 2026 approx.) and we are witnessing the alarming news about climate change. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and as it’s an earth sign, we are now concerned with agriculture, our food chain and an awakening to our planet’s resources. In our daily lives Uranus wants to shake thing up and cut out old wood.

Pluto-The Transformer/Regenerator
Pluto is the slowest moving planet and currently travelling through Capricorn from 2008 until 2024. It is the God of the Underworld and the unconscious. It is assigned to Scorpio who also have Mars as their ruler. The transit of Pluto in Capricorn calls for deconstruction of the establishment and institutions.

I have updated the freebie of the Key Dates for the New and Full Moons in 2022. It will be sent out to all my subscribers.

blessings, Pam x

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Astrology helps us focus on our personal view of the cosmos and soul. Therefore this report contains some standout astrological images that may help you reconsider your relationships in a different light.

This report is very supportive and makes an excellent present.
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