Pisces New Moon joins Neptune

pisces new moon 2019

Pisces New Moon: Diving Deep The New Moon in Pisces joins Neptune. This is a rare astrological event and can either elevate us to new spiritual insights and connection with the divine,  or we can be dragged down like the under-currents into the sea into the depths of despair. If you are a sun sign Pisces, or have

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Virgo Full Moon and Chiron into Aries

2019 Feb Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon: Discerning Truth from Lies The Virgo Full Moon connects us with the energy of Mercury, Neptune and the Sun in Pisces. Every tarot card connects with a planet or sign in astrology. Pisces is The Moon, Virgo The Hermit. In the video I offer an affirmation from A T Mann’s book The Elements of Tarot.

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