Harvest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This September Harvest Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse

lunar-eclipse2016A Harvest Moon is the final full moon before the Autumn Equinox. The Moon is also very close to the earth, so is called a SuperMoon.

 Subtle Eclipse

It’s a very subtle eclipse where the moon is just darkened, rather than totally obscured. It will be visible in Europe and the maximum time to see it is at 19.54 BST. Eclipses always rattle the energy, and 24 degrees Virgo/Pisces will be sensitive for a month afterward. Mercury will activate this degree on October 3rd.

 Stressful Month

September has been one of the most difficult and stressful months, as we have had a Solar Eclipse, then the square of Saturn and Neptune. This tense alignment has now passed exactitude but hovers ‘in orb’ until the end of October. Saturn is reality, Neptune dreams, so if you have a planet around 10 degrees Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces then you will have felt this. It can feel devastating with emotions such as overwhelming sadness, depression and grief.

Please know that this too will pass.

Eclipses rattle the energy

Take inspired action as this Lunar Eclipse activates Uranus and Mars
Take inspired action as this Lunar Eclipse activates Uranus and Mars

As the Moon is temporarily darkend, it disturbs ‘the force’ as fellow astrologer Rick Levine calls it.

The chart of the Full Moon Eclipse shows a tense 90 degree angle between the Sun/ Moon oposition with Mars, now in Sagittarius. Plus the Moon joins Chiron in sensitive Pisces.

So this is a highly stressful full moon eclipse, with emotions running high.

Its advisable to rest on the day of an eclipse and not rush around, or launch anything new. This is especially true since the Moon rules the public.

One very positive connection is Uranus in Aries, planet of radical change, makes a flowing aspect to Mars in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, so all is not doom and gloom.

This is high energy, very exciting and ful of surprises. You may have a flash of inspiration and can inspire others to take decisive action and “just do it”. This is true if Uranus/ Mars contacts a planet in your chart at 23 degrees.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is still retrograde in Virgo. You’ll be glad to know that it moves direct on 22nd September. If you haven’t been clearing and sorting stuff out -including your diet- maybe detoxing -then there is still time to get ready for the Autumn Equinox, when the Sun moves into Libra, sign of relationships and harmony.