Ring of Fire Eclipse in Virgo

ring of fire eclipseHealing at this Virgo Ring of Fire Eclipse

The Virgo Ring of Fire Eclipse is opposite Neptune, and square to Saturn, still travelling close to Mars in Sagittarius. This is T Square and we have been experiencing it for many months.

Neptune is close to the South Node of the Moon in Pisces. The South Node asks us to let go of the past.

The Virgo Solar Eclipse is also:-

  • Square to Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius
  • Opposite Neptune and the South Node in Pisces
  • Trine to Pluto in Capricorn

Pisces is ruled by the gas giant, Neptune, God of the Ocean, the Sea of Consciousness. We can float or drown in the ocean, and as every sailor knows, it has tremendous power.

Who can ever forget the tsunami?

The outer panets affect us globally, and this eclipse will only affect you personally if you have a planet between 7-11 degrees of any sign in your birth chart.  If it does, then this is an excellent time for a consultation. Find out more>

This Ring of Fire Eclipse is a dynamic shift in consciousness

It’s a Cosmic reset button, a rebooting, so take advantage of this energy.

Watch your dreams over the next few days.

And note 9 degrees in your birth chart. This is a potent degree for the next 6 months!

At an eclipse there is an alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun. During the eclipse in 1999 I had an intuitive insight that this is a direct channel opening us to the dimensions of Neptune, ruler of Kether in the Tree of Life, representing the Crown chakra.

In the tarot Neptune is The Hanged Man, the most spiritual card in the pack.

Neptune offers us compassion for the suffering we see in or world, for forgiveness and transcendence into the higher realms of The Mystic.

Self forgiveness and being kind to oneself is vital at this time.

If  you’ve been under attack, know that the Ego is trying to keep you safe, but small.  Grace opens us up to our real purpose.

Saturn is the planet of resistance and obstacles, so Grace and Gratitude is the answer, the way through.

I see this eclipse as a time when we can dig deep and do some real healing of mistaken beliefs and hurts. It’s only our ego that can be hurt. In A Course in Miracles it states:-

“I place the peace of God in your heart and in your hands, to hold and share. The heart is pure to hold it, and the hands are strong to give it. We cannot lose.”

and my favourite in honour of Saturn:-

“You cannot be totally committed sometimes.”

blessings, signature-pam

If you need guidance then I offer spiritual support and astrological guidance to help you heal soul wounds and reclaim your power.

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