June Astrology News This Month

June brings important changes in the planetary dance. These are the ‘Big’ events

Uranus moved into Aries on May 27th (just hours after the full moon.)
Saturn changed direction in Virgo on May 30th and is at the same degree of the  zodiac (27 deg. Virgo) for 3 weeks until June 13th.
Neptune went retrograde in Aquarius May 31st.

Jupiter joined Uranus on June 8th in Aries
Saturn inconjunct Neptune  from June 13th – July 7th This is a difficult aspect and calls for letting go of an old situation. (This will affect Virgo and Aquarius especially)

Summer Solstice 21st June at 12.28am BST London

June 25th Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn (day before the Lunar eclipse)

Lunar Eclipse at Full Moon June 26th Cancer/Capricorn

June 12 New Moon 12.14 BST London

June New Moon in Gemini

This new moon is strongly mercurial. Mercury moved into its own sign on June 9th and stays until June 24th.

Mercury moves fast and governs the nervous system. Be aware of stress and take time out to listen to calming music, the sounds of silence or mantras.

Its an excellent time to learn anew language, take up singing or join a writing class.

Of course the new iPad is the latest gadget that will help us to read ebooks on the move, combining two favourite Mercurial occupations.

Listen to Pam’s audio as she discusses the chart in full and explains the red lines (difficult) blue lines (good) and green lines (letting go).

12th June New Moon 2010

For a brilliant sound Pam recommends Moola Mantra. Enjoy! Practise Patience while it loads…