July Partial Eclipse Opposite Pluto: Close encounter with the Underworld

July 13th New Moon in Cancer: Facing the Shadow

This is a partial Solar Eclipse at 3.47am BST at 20 degrees Cancer. There will be another partial Eclipse on August 11th. In between there is a total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th which is the one to watch, as it will be visible in the UK.

Grand Water Trine

This emotional Grand Water Trine was active as the Thai boys and their football coach were rescued from deep underground, symbolic of Pluto. This positive combination involving the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune was seen as the world held its breath and prayed. Hearts were opened as we witnessed this truly miraculous rescue.

Pluto and the Shadow

Pluto is the God of the Underworld, which in psychology is the unconscious. Issues around betrayal, feeling manipulated by others, and being cheated on can come up for healing. This is shadow stuff and a part of us all. Who’s your shadow figure?  What is it about them that you can’t stand?

The Dynamic of The Shadow

The Shadow from The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano
The Shadow from The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano

Chuck Spezzano writes:-

“Shadow figures, which are from the subconscious are about a seemingly dark, or even evil, energy.

These figures are actually a belief or aspect about ourselves which, typically, has been repressed for a long time.

Often, they are covered over as a compensation with a veneer of being a ‘good, sweet, nice, but dead person’.

Underneath this, in the unconscious, there are whole belief systems about ourselves being bad, evil, nasty, cruel and heartless murderers, torturers and tyrants; and because they are belief systems, they seem true; the ‘good, sweet, nice and dead’ façade is a protection against them.

At the same time, the dark belief systems are also a defence against our true goodness – the Light within us which we are frightened of.

So, The Shadow is actually meant to be a control over this goodness, over being a Child of God. Fortunately, we can move through this just as easily as any problem or conflict.

The Healing Exercise

Child of God from The Enlightenment Pack
Child of God from The Enlightenment Pack

To find The Shadow, ask yourself:

  • Who would be the person I would most hate to be from history, legends, fairy-tales or myths? Or the present day?
  • The character who comes to mind, and the qualities or characteristics which seem most to do with this figure, are really beliefs you have about yourself. Once again, this area is typically denied and defended against; but it still affects us, so we punish ourselves through scarcity, ill-health and other troubles because of it.

One way to heal this is to imagine that you are holding ‘the good, sweet, nice, dead’ compensating part of you in one hand and The Shadow in the other.

In your mind, melt them down to their pure light and energy (their most basic form).  In my work I ask clients to choose a colour to represent each of the energies. Then join the two energies together until your fingers interlock. Keep the new combined energy in one hand and imagine that true goodness is in the other hand. Once again, melt these down to their most basic form of light and energy and join them together.”


  • Jupiter is now direct  July 10th at 13 degrees Scorpio.
  • Partial Solar Eclipse July 13th at 20 degrees Cancer.
  • Mercury in Leo  Goes retrograde on July 26th at 23 degrees Leo until August 19th. Leadership is under the spotlight. It will move into Virgo on September 6th.
  • Venus in Virgo from July 10th- August 6th. Creates a Grand Trine from July 10th -July 14th with Saturn and Uranus. Manifest what you truly desire and bring the old (Saturn) together with the new (Uranus).
  • Grand Trine in water signs From July 5th  July 8th. Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.
  • Sun in Leo 23rd July until August 23rd.
  • Total Lunar Eclipse July 27th at 4 degrees Aquarius, the Sun at 4 degrees Leo. This is fraught with difficulties as Mars Retrograde is involved. Watch out for fights-there are karmic dynamics at work.

Mars is now retrograde from June 26th until August 27th.


Mars is now travelling through Aquarius and will stay there for 6 months. This is a key event of the year, so please watch this video.



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