Libra New Moon- Time to aim for Success

Libra New Moon-Time to Aim for Success and Achieve Your Goals

Libra New Moon focusses on the role of Libra as the diplomat. Its the Justice card in the tarot.

Libra is ruled by Venus. But Venus isn’t strong in Virgo-its ruled by Mercury and the Messenger planet is still retrograde, so decisions regarding relationships can be delayed. However, as Venus and Mercury are both in Virgo, it’s a good time for sorting, throwing out unnecessary clutter, having a detox, filing and getting paperwork in order. Its Marie Kondo’s time of year! See her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Venus moves into Libra on September 29th so this is a week of positive changes.

Mercury is now in its most favorite sign of Virgo. 

Plus this Libra New Moon has encouraging aspects. We have the strong aspect of a trine of Mars in Gemini with Saturn in Aquarius.
This is excellent for making big juicy goals that have organised structure. Plus Venus, Mercury and the New Moon have a positive flow of energy with Pluto-planet of transformation.

jupiter reportJupiter in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra

Time to aim high as Jupiter in Aries is high in the sky in the UK opposite the Sun in Libra. Jupiter is the great benefic. Make plans to manifest your future. They are best handwritten down and reviewed each day. Keep your goals to no more than 7 and believe in your power.

Get your binoculars and telescopes at the ready because Jupiter will be at its biggest and brightest this month!

The planet will be in opposition on Monday (26 September) which means Earth is directly in between Jupiter and the Sun.

It only happens once every 13 months and this time, it’s the closest it has been to Earth in nearly 60 years. When it’s in this position, it’s much easier to see in the night sky. You might even get a glimpse of its moons!

Neptune is opposite Venus and Mercury in Virgo

Neptune governs dreams, healing, psychic connections, all things invisible. How difficult it is to believe in the unseen when the reality (Saturn) seems to dominate?  

Planets are Retrograde

This is not uncommon as it happens every year, but at his New Moon in Libra we have 7 planets retrograde. On September 10th Mercury began its third retrograde of the year in Libra, going back into Virgo on September 24th. Now Mercury is in Virgo we have a two-week window of opportunity to get things sorted. Mercury goes forward on October 2nd and returns to Libra on October 11th. In Pluto goes direct on October 8th and Saturn on 23rd.

Looking ahead Mars goes retrograde on October 30th. It spends 6 months in Gemini, so where that is in your chart gets a major power boost of energy.

Mercury in Virgo retrograde contacts Neptune

Mercury contacted Neptune in Pisces exactly on August 21st and is very close as Mercury turns direct on October 2nd.

Listen to your dreams and the whisperings in your ear from the angels and spirit world. Write, draw- put down on paper your vision for your future. Mercury is still retrograde and exalted in Virgo from September 24th -October 11th. This truly is the perfect time to call on help from friends in High Places.  

As the saying goes, make Gratitude your Attitude.

 Saturn square Uranus

At last this tense challenging aspect is almost over. It’s a long cycle- it started in February 2021 – and affects the world. Saturn is strong in Aquarius and Uranus is close to the North Node of the Moon in Taurus. The classic interpretation is the old versus the new. One quote that resonates is “Break the rules (Uranus) for the right reasons (Saturn).”


  • New Moon in Libra September 25th at 2 degrees.
  • Sun in Libra until October 23rd when it moves into Scorpio.
  • Mars in Gemini. Goes retrograde at 25 degrees Gemini on October 30th.
  • Mercury in Virgo Retrograde on September 10th. It moved back into Virgo on September 24th.
  • Venus in Virgo from September 5th. Into Libra on September 29th.
  • Full Moon at 16 degrees Aries on October 9th. The Moon joins Chiron, Venus joins the Sun
  • New Moon Solar Eclipse October 25th at 2 degrees Scorpio

Please watch my YouTube video above as I explain more fully about this New Moon in Libra.

In need of personal emotional and spiritual support?

The grief felt across the Uk at the death of the Queen has taken may people by surprise. When an event touches the collective it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

If you have a strong connection to Neptune, then this New Moon will be activating it. I can support and guide you in this process.

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