Living Your Purpose – Reclaiming Your Power

Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords tarot card. The sword of truth cuts through illusion.

How much power do you have in your life?

Living your purpose is your function here in earth. To fully engage with your soul purpose you need to win your heart back, and you need to reclaim your power.

This is a place of feeling centred and connected to a higher power. Its a place of peace and trust, knowing that the Universe is supporting you.

So, the question is, have you had traumas in your life when you lost power?

Write down a list of your heartbreaks, any major illnesses, car crashes, the worst years of your life.

Would you like to reclaim your power with a simple healing exercise?

The worst traumas of your life can be healed retrospectively.

Sounds too good to be true?

You can change the past with the power of your mind.

You can shift perception in the conscious mind with truth. Truth is like the sword of truth that cuts through illusions.

The past has gone.

However for so many of us we are running patterns in the present because of a past trauma. We have a bad experience and it pulls us off our centre. Then we expect that experience to happen again. Because we expect it, sure enough it does. Then a belief system is set up.

Your negative beliefs interfere with you living your purpose.

You can change the stories you are unconsciously running with the power of your mind, and the power of truth.

Healing Exercise to Reclaim Your Power

Truth is more powerful than our beliefs. This healing exercise is from A Course in Miracles and was taught to me by Chuck Spezzano. If you do this exercise with a friend standing by your side and supporting you, it becomes even more powerful.

Think of the biggest problem you have, or the worst trauma in your life. As you think of it, say these words out loud.

truth card
Truth card from The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano

“Truth will correct all the errors of my mind.”

Then take a step forward. How do you feel now? What learnings come to you?

Say the words again:- “Truth will correct all the errors of my mind.” Then take another step forward. Tune into your body and see what pops into your mind now.

Repeat this until you come to a place of peace and resolution.

I did this exercise recalling a time when a boyfriend dumped me. It was a very long time ago, but the memory popped into my mind. I was devastated and went on a self destructive night of binge drinking. I couldn’t bear to go home so stayed with a good friend for the weekend.

As I did the exercise I uncovered a belief that I felt like a fool to have fallen for this man!

As I stepped forward I started to feel compassion for my younger self.

Foolish, maybe but not a fool. And of course, as the song goes, only fools fall in love!

I knew that my power that was lost that night was restored. The truth had set me free.

In my coaching I can support you in regaining your power. All you need is to be willing and ready for transformation.

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