Healing Your Heart Day 19: ‘100,000 Angels’

100000 Angels

Songs for Healing Your Heart- Soul Level Rebirth Song for today- ‘100,000 Angels’ by Bliss 12 years ago a friend asked me what music to play while she was giving birth. Then co-incidentally a day later, another friend recommended this song to me, and played it on the phone. It was the perfect song. I have played this

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Healing Your Heart Day 17: ‘For a Friend’

need a friend

Songs for Healing Your Heart- Soul Level Abundance Song for today- ‘For a Friend’ In healing numerology, 17 is a deeper aspect of the number 8, which is the number of abundance, the time of blossoming. Traumas at this age reflect a fear of receiving, of having it all. What might happen if we were truly golden children?

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Mars into Scorpio

httpv://youtu.be/Fnis3q_biFw Passion Ignites Mars into Scorpio July 26th at 02.25UT (3.25BST) This is a yet another major shift of energy for all 12 signs as Mars is the planet of action. It has been in Libra since December 8th 2013, a sign noted for diplomacy and relationship. Now Mars can aid us in getting a move on, in

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