Manifesting Abundance and Divine Feminine

Fortuna: Goddess of Abundance
Fortuna: Goddess of Abundance

Venus is the Goddess of Love and also rules money

In astrology Venus naturally rules the 2nd house of income and self value. It governs the signs of Taurus and Libra.

How we value ourselves is how much we are willing to receive, and that is what abundance is really about.

Many of us have difficulty receiving, and instead prefer to give. But sometimes our giving is hiding a hidden agenda of wanting something back in return. This pushes people away as they feel our demand.

True giving comes from a place of serenity, and gratitude.

Chuck Spezzano, a long term friend and mentor has a great video on manifesting abundance. This series of videos on YouTube gives you a taste of what Psychology of Vision is all about. My coaching work is based on its principles.

Chuck describes how dreams are a wish fulfillment, and that or waking life is also like a conscious dream. If we harness our natural powers of choice we can create what we want.

The important thing to know is that there’s a difference between setting goals and having expectations.

Expectations create demands and result in stress. Have you ever felt that someone was making a demand on you and even if you wanted to help their energy pushed you away? The same applies when we make a demand on ourself!

Using the energy of Venus, the divine feminine and loving ourself, allows abundance to come to us, and creates a flow.
blessings, Pam