Mars into Scorpio


Rainbow Warriors
Rainbow Warriors

Passion Ignites Mars into Scorpio

July 26th at 02.25UT (3.25BST)

This is a yet another major shift of energy for all 12 signs as Mars is the planet of action. It has been in Libra since December 8th 2013, a sign noted for diplomacy and relationship.

Now Mars can aid us in getting a move on, in giving us a firm direction.

All signs have planets that belong to them, that rule or govern them.

Mars governs the fire sign Aries, the water sign Scorpio and is exalted in the earth sign Capricorn. It is weak in Libra, and unhappy in Taurus and Cancer. Mars by sign and house in our birth charts shows how we get what we want.

Are you direct or do you get your needs met with subtle hints? The masculine mind tends to be more direct because- broadly speaking – ‘men are from Mars’.

In my last webinar I discussed Jupiter moving into Leo moving through the houses of your birth chart bringing abundance, growth and wisdom to that area in your life.

Now Mars will be able to promote the emotional energy that living your soul purpose needs.

Scorpio has emotional depth. The phrase is ‘I Desire’, its happiest delving into the unconscious as co-ruler is Pluto god of the Underworld.

So the question is “What do you most desire?” Mars can help you get it!

Mariam flew to saftey escorted by the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs-what an angel!
Mariam flew to saftey escorted by the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs-what an angel!

The Sun joins Jupiter: In the News

One remarkable woman- Mariam Ibrahim-was in the news on Thursday as she flew into safety and had an audience with the Pope.

She stuck by her religious convictions (Jupiter rules religion) even though she was threatened with 100 lashes and execution. She gave birth while imprisoned, her legs shackled to the floor. The world was outraged, and -thank God -on Thursday she left Sudan and flew to Italy.

Her birth chart shows she is a Scorpio (born 3/11/1987 in Sudan time unknown), with the Sun conjunct Pluto giving her the fortitude to withstand the dreadful ordeal. She has Jupiter in Aries,

You can see her having the audience with the Pope on the BBC website

The Pope thanked her and her family for their “courageous and constant witness of faith”