Mercury Direct: Astro Week ahead June 30th-July 7th

mercury directThe main news this week is Mercury direct on Tuesday 1st July at 24 degrees Gemini.

At last we end the series of retrogrades of the personal planets that have been with us since January.

There is a positive vibe in the air as communications can become clearer.

Then we encounter the Sun in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn on 4th July. This highlights – yet again- the theme that started with the Grand Cardinal Cross in April.

The Sun brings consciousness to all that is lying hidden in the unconscious. Taboos can be brought into the light and healed. Pull back any projections on other people or institutions being more powerful than you!

The New Moon becomes visible and travels through Leo, Virgo and Libra.

The first quarter Moon on 5th sees the Moon opposite Uranus, trine Venus and square the Sun! Expect an active and emotionally stimulating day.

Make sure you watch the video, It’s only 13 mins and will offer some valuable guidance.

blessings, signature-pam

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