July 7th Week Ahead- The Grand Cardinal Cross

Grand Cardinal Cross reactivated by the Sun in Cancer

Think back to April. Events then are being re-activated.

The trine this week between the Sun, Chiron and Saturn is the perfect time for healing old wounds.

This week the moon moves into emotionally intense Scorpio, until Wednesday when it changes into fiery Sagittarius. Friday sees a shift into earthy Capricorn.

The Full Moon on Saturday July 12th brings the Grand Cardinal Cross energy of April back into full focus. Its the contrast of mother/father, child/parent. This is the time to set intention to change your life. It’s the perfect day for a Full Moon ritual.

Bring in the energy of the 4 elements and invoke the planets energy.

  • Fire-Uranus in Aries
  • Earth-Moon and Pluto in Capricorn
  • Air-Mars in Libra
  • Water- Sun and Jupiter in Cancer

Mercury changes into Cancer on Sunday 13th-starting a review of the transit it made between May 29th-June 17th.

Next week Jupiter moves from watery Cancer into creative Leo.

This is a major transit and shift of energy-it happens once a year.