Feeling Weak and Moody? Neptune drains Mars

Mars -the planet of action and assertion is weakened by Neptune

Venus_and_Mars_National_GalThis week we see Mercury moving direct-on Friday- and Venus changing sign into Virgo. Virgo will then have 3 planets travelling through its sign-Venus, Mars and Jupiter, but it hasn’t been plain sailing.

Have you found yourself being caught up in the most minutest detail and forgetting the big picture? Or maybe you’ve got seduced by Facebook or searching the internet to solve a problem and lost hours being unproductive?

This results in irritability, weakness, frustration in getting anything done! So, have you being feeling unexpectedly tearful?

Ever since Mars moved into Virgo on 25th September it has been forming an opposition with Neptune. As Neptune is a more distant and larger planet it has more influence, therefore Mars has been weakened.

Mars moves faster than Neptune so this weakness and the resulting moodiness will pass by the end of next week. Plus Mars will join mighty Jupiter on 17th October, boosting its energy for us all to aim high and set big juicy goals.

This week, Mercury will at at last move direct, but not until Friday 9th October so hold back from buying computers/phones or anything technical until the weekend.

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One thought on “Feeling Weak and Moody? Neptune drains Mars

  • October 8, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    Thank you Pam – I really enjoyed your insights this week – you really nailed it for me in terms of how I’m feeling.

    The Mars Neptune opposition is sitting right on my MC/IC axis … with Neptune conjunct my 7º Pisces MC and Mars conjunct my 7º Virgo IC. My natal Mars is in Aries in the 11th, square Saturn in Cap. in the 7th – so I usually have lots of energy and can really get things done when I set my mind to it.

    This week I’ve been wanting continue building some important foundations for developing a new aspect to my business, but just haven’t had the energy. Even during my morning yoga practice it feels like my energy has just drained out through my feet… and my muscles seem weaker than usual!

    So when your email dropped in, needless to say it got my full attention!

    Thanks again Pam… great observation and interpretation on your part!

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