The Neptune Factor at the First Quarter Moon

Tune into Neptune

healing card osho
Healing card from the Osho Zen tarot, the King of Cups.

Neptune is the key player this week as we see 3 planets transiting through Gemini squaring off against it. Allow time to meditate and allow feelings to surface rather than push them down. Be kind to yourself.

First comes Mars, then Mercury retrograde, then the Sun.

Neptune dissolves what it touches

It weakens the force and strength of Mars. This  is ‘in orb’ all week, so it’s a time to reserve your energy and not overdo physical activity.

Neptune takes the messages delivered by Mercury and they can magically disappear or become confused. This is the seduction of advertising with promises to solve all your problems if you just buy their product. So hold back from impulse buying via the internet.

When Neptune blocks the Sun, our consciousness delves into the realm of daydreams. We can feel ungrounded and spaced out. This is where physical activity can be especially beneficial.

The downside of Neptune is escapism and illusion, whether that’s through drugs and alcohol, or the stupor induced by too much TV or late nights.

Positive Qualities

However at its best Neptune is Oneness and it heals as it resonates with the qualities of compassion and forgiveness. If you’re feeling down, then I suggest its a great week for tuning in to your spiritual and physical needs. Its ideal for a massage, for using essential oils that uplift such as geranium in the bath.

Plus moon in Virgo is ideal for detoxing, for washing and clearing out the clutter or maybe a spot of weeding the garden.

I will focus on the Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and Healing Neptune’s problems

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini will make 3 squares to Neptune in Pisces.  This webinar is timed a day before Mercury joins Mars and comes close to squaring Neptune for the second time.

This second retrograde cycle of the year in Mercury’s own sign of Gemini challenges Neptune, the planet of higher vision that can inspire – or dissolve and distort information.

On this webinar discover:-

• What does this Mercury retrograde cycle mean for you?
• Mercury through the houses.
• What are the questions to ask of Mercury?
• Healing Neptune problems of sacrifice and the martyr

This webinar is over.