October New Moon in Libra

Malala Yousafzai
Voice of the Feminine- A candlelit vigil for Malala Yousafzai

Focus on Venus and the Voice of the Feminine

A New Moon is a seeding time

This New Moon is in Venus’ sign of Libra. Libra is THE relationship sign and brings beauty, harmony and balance into the world.

However I propose that the ‘awakening’ that is happening in the world is the rise of the feminine as a voice that cannot be stilled.

As just one example, witness the courage of Malala Yousafzai, age 14, who was targeted and nearly killed by the Taliban for supporting education for girls.

Each New Moon is a seeding time, so what does the planet Venus want to tell us in the coming month?

Venus is in the sign of Virgo, a sign where she is ‘weak’. That’s because Virgo can be critical and a perfectionist. Virgo is often misunderstood, and traditionally known as the virgin. These are the 6 Vestal Virgins who worshiped the Goddess.

Inner Voice of the Priestess Hestia

Hestia- The Inner Voice of the Priestess

The Goddess that is most allied to Venus in Virgo is Hestia, the Goddess of the hearth and home. Sister to the well known Gods -Jupiter Pluto and Neptune- she never married. She is a priestess and embodies the sacred flame and sacred space.

She is also called Vesta, an asteroid and was discovered in 1807. Vesta is the spirit of the 6th house, the domain of the sacred in the everyday, the rituals of work and well-being. Planets in Virgo respond to the archetype as do inner planets aspecting Saturn, the need for authenticity.

As custodian of the hearth she is central to psychic life representing the sacral centre, the goddess who honours sacred space and protects holy images.

Do you identify with Hestia?

This Goddess represents the keeper of the flame, the inner light. She is self love, the ability to be ‘at home’ with yourself, no matter if you are a man or woman. This Goddess doesn’t have the glamour of Aphrodite, but is a deeper female archetype.

  • How do you treat your personal space?
  • Do you only tidy up when guests are arriving? Or have you created a home, a place you can call your sanctuary?
  • Do you have an altar in your home?
  • Where in your home is the blocked ‘dead’ energy? Clean out that space. In Feng Shui keeping our living space clean and tidy is excellent for keeping an energy flow and thus increasing financial flow.

During this New Moon – which lasts for 3 days- it’s a good idea to do the housework! To wash, clean and re-energise your home. Throw out anything that is broken. Recycle old clothes.

Activate Hestia by doing quiet unhurried chores. Ironing, arranging flowers in a vase, caring for one’s home as a ritual, will bring a sense of calm and peace to your life. In this way you will be fully prepared for the transit of Venus in her own sign of Libra from October 29 -November 21.

Ceres/Demeter the new dwarf planet and voice of the feminine

Discover Your Inner Goddesses

The Goddess Report tells you where this Goddess and 11 others are in your horoscope, and where the aspects of the feminine seek to be honoured in your life.

For the first time these 12 goddesses are revealed in this 45-page ground-breaking report helping you to discover your true potential. Never before have these archetypes been explored in the astrological birth chart.
There are only 3 feminine planets- the Moon, Venus and more recently Ceres– and as every woman knows, we are far more complex than that!

You can read about the fascinating mythology of these 12 Greco-Roman Asteroid Goddesses (including Ceres/Demeter and Hestia/Vesta) as well as the interpretations of each in the sign and house. It includes a full colour chart wheel. It is more like a book than a report as it is packed with information. Delivered to your email box in a PDF format so you can easily print it or email as a gift. This is a brief excerpt on Hestia from the Goddess Report which averages 45 pages:-

“Hestia is a metaphor for the hearth of inner life. In modern life she has become displaced, replaced by the rush and busyness of the outer world. When the inner life is sidelined and banished to the fringes of society, anxiety, terror and panic can no longer be constrained in the community.
Hestia reflects the need for solace, quiet and retreat into the inner sanctuary of the Self.In astrology Vesta is the inner instinct that honors soul by giving it a sacred place, an altar, a quiet moment. She represents hospice and offers hospitality to the aspects of self that feel displaced and dislocated.As the hearth light she offers stillness, quietude, meditation and solitude in the midst of the everyday. The inner life is the container for anxiety and despair as well as a refuge from the pollution of daily life.”
Healing the family karma will help heal all your relationships

What’s your relationship story?

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  • In a fight with someone in your life? This may be with a lover, a child, a sibling, a parent, a friend, a business partner or a work colleague.

Every relationship in our life is an opportunity for growth and evolution. However that is easier said than done.

Romantic relationships are the Stairway to Heaven. But they can seem like the descent into Hell!

The family can drive us mad, but ignoring them isn’t a solution.

On this workshop and coaching you will be given the tools to successful relationships, and the opportunity to heal the places where you have been wounded and hurt.

The workshop is for you if you are having a problem with any relationship in your life.
A workshop is a place of sanctuary, a place where you can take time for healing and becoming whole. A place of being witnessed by others who are also on the same healing journey.

Each person will have a personal process involving their horoscope. This workshop is for a maximum of 8 people.

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9 nights of the Divine Goddesses celebrates Durga

 Nights of the Divine Goddesses

In the Hindu tradition we are entering the 9 nights devoted to 3 goddesses. Over the course of nine nights, the three Goddesses of Change (Durga/Kali), Love and Contentment (Lakshmi) and Wisdom (Saraswati) are evoked. The first three nights are dedicated to Durga, the second three nights are dedicated to Lakshmi and the last three nights are dedicated to Saraswati.

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*NB. Planets aren’t actually doing anything to us. Rather there is a synchronicity -“As above, so below”.
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