January Full Moon in Cancer

cancer the crab

httpv://youtu.be/tJIxU_ApkwE Feeling Emotional? At this Full Moon in Cancer, there is a challenging aspect between Mars and Venus. Cancer rules the Moon, so you may be feeling highly emotional and over-sensitive.In my video I briefly describe the planetary picture that is a prelude to the Grand Cross in April. With Mars in Libra forming a difficult aspect to

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Winter Solstice and Venus Retrograde


The Winter Solstice: Sun into Capricorn Today the winter solstice is the longest night and the shortest day. Its the day when the Sun appears to turn direction and start its journey northward. Its celebrated as its the Return of The Light in the northern hemisphere, the rebirth of the Sun God. Astrologically, its the day when the

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Intense Full Moon in Libra 2013


Intense Full Moon as Venus joins the Sun- A new beginning for Love At this Full Moon the energy has shifted from the water element of Pisces to the fiery energy of Aries. Venus now in Aries joins the Sun with Uranus, and is just a day away from a marriage with the Sun. So that means that

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October New Moon in Libra

Malala Yousafzai

Focus on Venus and the Voice of the Feminine A New Moon is a seeding time This New Moon is in Venus’ sign of Libra. Libra is THE relationship sign and brings beauty, harmony and balance into the world. However I propose that the ‘awakening’ that is happening in the world is the rise of the feminine as

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June 1st Solar eclipse: Gateway to the Mysteries of the Mind and Heart

The new moon on June 1st at 22.02 BST is a partial eclipse. Eclipses always bring change, can bring up fear of the future and turbulence. The Sun and Moon are at 11 degrees of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury the Messenger. The good news is that there is a strong positive connection to Saturn. This is

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A Magical Day – April Full Moon in Scorpio

Do You Believe in Magic? This Full Moon is a Magical Day -  Mercury the Messenger joins with the power of the Sun. It’s is a day for genius. Allow a space in the day for the Universe to communicate – to download inspiration from the stars! This conjunction creates a window of extra-sensory perception, enhanced by the

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