Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon is on April 22nd at 6.23am BST.

This is a difficult time as so many planets are retrograde. Please watch the video above for a fuller explanation.

As the Sun is in Taurus is ruled by Venus, it’s a key player as it moves close to Uranus, the planet of radical change in Aries.

The Moon in Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which went retrograde on Monday 18th April. It now starts moving backward from 8 degrees Sagittarius into its own sign of Scorpio on 27th May.

When a planet changes direction and goes retrograde (as seen from earth) it is intense and more powerful.

Mars retrograde only happens every 2 and a bit years so it can catch us unawares. You may have had disturbed sleep or feel especially tired and irritable. All things mechanical can be misbehaving – especially computers!

Mars isn’t the only planet currently retrograde. We have Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all retrograde and on April 28th Mercury will begin it’s second retrograde cycle of the year at 23 degrees Taurus.

A Positive Alignment

What has come to my attention is that Mercury makes a Grand Earth Trine with both Jupiter and Pluto this week at the Full Moon.

This pattern repeats at the next New Moon in Taurus on 6th May, and then again at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on 21st May and finally at the New Moon in Gemini on 5th June. It’s a positive alignment to manifest what you want using the energies of Mercury.

mercury retrogradeFREE WEBINAR Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

What does Mercury the Messenger planet want us to pay attention to as it weaves back and then forward through Venus’s sign of Taurus?

Venus is the planet of love, of relationships and also rules money. Money is connected to how much we value ourselves, to our self-worth.

  • Are you receiving what you are truly worth?
  • How much value do you put on your time?
  • Are you caught in sacrifice?

Join me on this webinar as I share some insights into how you can create abundance on your life and win back your heart. I will use both Western and Vedic astrology to give you  deeper understanding.

This webinar is now over.

abundance workshopCreating Abundance Workshop in Brighton

On 7th May I am facilitating a workshop to clear all the blocks that stand in our way to manifesting.

The focus of this One Day Workshop is to assist you in creating abundance and success in all areas of your life – love, relationships, money, friends, clients.

We’ll be working with the planetary energy of New Moon in Taurus. It’s the perfect time of the year for manifesting what you really, really want.

Abundance is connected to our creativity, our second chakra. When we’re in the flow abundance comes to us naturally. It’s our birthright.

However for so many of us we’ve had times in our lives when we lost trust in The Universe and our belief that we could have it all.

We stopped believing we could be successful and abundant.
This workshop will help you with identifying the places where you lost trust and your heart got broken. When you heal the unfinished business of the past,  you can fully embrace your soul’s purpose to be happy and abundant.

  • Are you in sacrifice and find it easy to give, but difficult to receive?
  • Are you stuck and want to reconnect with your vision and creativity?
  • Would you like to clear the blocks to greater success and achieve so much more?

To find out more and book your place see Creating Abundance workshop.

The Pleiades is in the constellation of Taurus where the Moon is exalted. Each month there’s a day when its a great time to launch a business.

Launch with the Stars- Power Days

On 3 key days in the year there is a combination of planets that is highly auspicious in the Vedic system.  The next date is 8th May, when new ventures are guaranteed success. On this day both the Sun and Moon are exalted in Aries and Taurus (NB this is the sidereal system).

I have a new service called Launch with the Stars that helps clients find the best possible date to launch or relaunch a business. Knowing the best date and time of day is vitally important.

Canny business people use astrology for a successful business launch to give them an advantage.

Get it right and you have a head start in making your business a success.

Just as a birth chart tells us about our potential and our purpose, so the chart of a business will describe the nature of it and how successful it can become.

This is called Electional astrology. It chooses the best day and time for an event or action to commence. It’s used for material things such as business, law suits, travel, surgery and for more spiritual occasions like weddings and initiations.

This is a list of the most important factors. I use Vedic astrology for the best results.

To find out more see this page.