Surviving Mercury Retrograde

What does Mercury the Messenger planet want us to pay attention to as it weaves back and then forward through Venus’s sign of Taurus?

In my beautifully illustrated webinar of 55 minutes, I explore the current Mercury Retrograde cycle in Taurus .

Venus is the planet of love, of relationships and also rules money. Money is connected to how much we value ourselves, to our self-worth.

  • Are you receiving what you are truly worth?
  • How much value do you put on your time?
  • Are you caught in sacrifice?

Watch my webinar as I share my insights into how you can create abundance on your life and win back your heart. I use both Western and Vedic astrology to give you a deeper understanding.

I finish with a guided meditation that integrates the challenging tension between Jupiter- abundance- and Saturn- restriction.

One participant described the meditation as ‘WOW’!!!

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