September Harvest Moon joins Chiron

chiron archetype wounded healer
Chiron-The Archetype of the Wounded Healer

Chiron at the Full Moon

A full moon always brings emotions to the fore and this one is no exception.

Its the last of 5 SuperMoons and also the Harvest Moon.

At a Supermoon there are greater emotional surges and shifts in consciousness. There are also extremes in the weather.

This full moon has similar energy to the last New Moon on 25th August when the Sun and Moon in Virgo were opposite Neptune and Venus was inconjunct Chiron. (Inconjunct is the letting go aspect)

Now it brings Chiron into full focus. Chiron is the archetype of The Wounded Healer. It joins the Full Moon in Pisces early Tuesday morning in the UK. This is a theme all week, and if you have a planet in Pisces then you may feel especially sensitive and possibly weepy.

Emotional Grand Water Trine

A Grand water trine is forming with the Moon at 16 Pisces, and 2 main Asteroid goddesses Juno at 16 Cancer, and Vesta at 17 Scorpio.

This shows the importance of developing and expressing our feminine side, of tracking our emotions. Letting go what is not healthy and following our intuition.

Stephanie Austin writes in Mountain Astrologer:- “Emotions are modulated by the interactions of the brain, the hormone oxytocin and the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve connects our brain with our heart.

The hormone oxytocin (called the bonding hormone) reduces anxiety and stress. It promotes growth and healing. It’s released during sex and childbirth and also through loving touch-hugs-holding hands-massage.”

I would add that stroking a pet also qualifies.

Following her article I checked out the website she recommended

This is what I discovered:-

heart and handsDid You Know The Heart is a Brain:-

  • Negative emotions can create nervous system chaos, but positive emotions do the opposite.
  • Positive emotions can increase the brain’s ability to make good decisions.
  • You can boost your immune system by focusing on positive emotions.
  • The human heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body.
  • In fetal development, the heart forms and starts beating before the brain begins to develop.
  • Your heart emits an electromagnetic field that changes according to your emotions.
  • Others can pick up the quality of your emotions through the electromagnetic energy radiating from your heart.
  • The heart has a system of neurons that have both short- and long-term memory, and the signals they send to the brain can affect our emotional experiences.
  • The heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.
  • Coherent heart rhythms help the brain in creativity and innovative problem-solving

Healing Your Heart Workshop

I gave a One Day workshop last month on Healing Your Heart. It was full and a wonderful group of people attended.

The next One Day is on September 27th and there are still some places left.

If you have planets in the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces then this workshop may be especially relevant for you.

One participant said it was “life changing”.

You’ll be participating in group rituals and tuning into your body.  The workshop space is sacred. The healing rituals are kinesthetic, so as you participate and move, you change your timeline. Pam works intuitively and will facilitate group processes and meditations to help you to heal your heart. They will include:-

  • Learning the significance of numbers and your age when your heartbreaks occurred to understand your Core Life Patterns.
  • Chakra healing with guided meditation.
  • Connect with your body wisdom and cellular memory to reveal information to accelerates your healing.
  • Aura-Soma Colour: Healing Your Timeline
  • Letting Go Process


I’d love to see you there!





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