Solar Eclipse

Ino Menegaki, a Greek actress, in the role of an ancient high-priestess lights the Olympic Flame in the temple of Hera, Queen of Heaven in Greece.

Light Your Sacred Flame

The arrival of the Olympic flame in the UK is a beautiful ritual of celebration. The flame was lit in the Temple of Hera, Queen and wife of Zeus (Jupiter). Its energy is imbued with The Goddess and it was fitting that it was carried to the Uk by the Queen’s only daughter- Princess Anne.

However it is difficult to fully embrace this moment of glory knowing about the dire situation in the home of the Olympics, namely Greece.

It was heartbreaking to hear that some parents have put their children in orphanges because they could not feed them. The suicide rate in Greece has risen by 40%, peoples wages have been cut by 50%. The aid agencies are giving out food in the centre of Athens, home to the Gods, and a civilised European city. Watch Katerina Vrana in a short video on the BBC website to find out the truth of the situation.

The headline in the LA Times confirms that ‘Europe’s debt crisis joins governments and banks at the hip’, so this isn’t just a problem in a few countries. I know that the power of a group mind can bring about miracles, so I ask you -if that is Ok with you- to extend a prayer and blessings to those who are in financial distress.

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse and Healing

You may already be feeling the effects of the Solar Eclipse which occurs this Monday at 00.47am BST. The main theme is healing, which is always the focus for me with these newsletters.  Watch my video on YouTube to find out more.

I describe the importance of this Eclipse for us to heal old wounds as Neptune, Chiron and Mars’s energies are all triggered. Many of you may have experienced feelings of overwhelming sadness and despair. Remedies such as homeopathy, crystals, colour healing, herbs, Bach flowers and gem essences are all perfect as they resonate with the invisible realm that is Neptune, and access the Crown Chakra.

The antidote to the ocean of sadness is to go within, to find that Inner Flame that is our Source, to treat ourselves gently, and with compassion.

The Pleiades and Agni God of the Sacred Fire

This eclipse activates The Pleaides, the Seven sisters. Contrary to some information on the internet, this happens often- not once in 26,000 years as I read today! It last happened in 1984, 1966 and 1947. The Pleiades are a beautiful group of stars, between 26 degrees Taurus – 0 degrees Gemini. If you have a planet at these degrees (especially the Sun or Moon) then your life purpose is to care for, and connect with, many peoples in the world.

The myth in the Vedas is that they were wet nurses to Kartikeya, otherwise known as Mars. The Moon is exalted at 26 degrees Taurus in the Vedic system. As the Moon governs both the mind and emotions in the Vedic system, there is a feeling of deep peace and comfort when it passes through this sign. Read more about the Pleiades at the end of this newsletter.

  • The Hindu God Kartikeya means Him of the Pleiades. Kartikeya is said to have 6 heads to drink the milk of the six Pleiades.  The main purpose of his birth is said to have been the leadership of the god’s army.
  • In Western astrology they represent coping with sorrow and were considered a single one of the medieval fixed stars. As such, they are associated with quartz and fennel.
  • In Hindu astrology the Pleiades were known as the lunar mansion (nakshatra) Krittika which in Sanskrit is translated as “the cutters.”
  • The Pleiades are called the star of fire, and their ruling deity is the Vedic god Agni, the god of the sacred fire.

How Love WorksHow Love Works

Just published is a book by good friends Jeff and Sue Allen. I have known them for 18 years and trained with them in Psychology of Vision. This book is the perfect book to read if you want to find True Love, or improve an existing relationship. It also acts as an introduction to the principles of Psychology of Vision, with many exercises in it.

Sue and Jeff were on the verge of a divorce when a shift in Sue caused Jeff to change his mind and want her back. She said no, which forced Jeff to dive into his emotions. Luckily he found himself on a Chuck Spezzano workshop which totally transformed him! After some time they were re-united and have been married now for over 33 years.

It’s a wonderful book, full of their personal stories, very readable and I highly recommend it.

blessings, Pam

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My Moon is at 24 degrees Taurus, so the Pleiades are dear to my heart.
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