Summer Solstice and June Supermoon 2013

supermoon june
June Supermoon. The Sun is in Cancer is a Cardinal sign governed by The Moon and relates to The Chariot in the tarot.

Turning Point of the Year as the Sun moves into Cancer- Connecting with your Emotions and Healing Your Heart

As Eckhart Tolle asks, “If not now, then when?”

cancer the crab
Cancer the crab, the problem is procrastination!

The Summer solstice is the turning point of the year when the Sun appears to stand still. The June Supermoon on Sunday 23rd June at 12.32 BST in the sign of Capricorn.

Both are close to an opposition with the Galactic Centre, and the Moon in Capricorn is close to Pluto.

A Supermoon is really close to the earth, and looks larger than usual. This means that its influence is much more intense and stronger.

Sleep may have been disturbed, and you may be feeling more emotional than usual, as the Sun in Cancer is joined by Jupiter at the last degree of Gemini.

Cancer is the sign of the Moon, and the mother. It governs memory, the past and nostalgia. Just like the Chariot it involves moving on in a new direction. And like the crab, carrying its home on its back.

The biggest problem is procrastination, and the crab’s tendency to move 2 steps forward then 3 back!

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Jupiter changes sign into Cancer

The main news this month is that on June 27th Jupiter changes sign from Gemini into Cancer. Then Mercury goes retrograde a day later. Jupiter stays in Cancer for 12 months, and will aspect both Saturn and Neptune, then Chiron. All the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will have this triple aspect.

This promises to be a really good transit.

The only problem is that it may tempt you with illusions so you drift into a dream world and miss some great opportunities.
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Chiron in Pisces has also just turned retrograde, which you may have felt in your daily life, as it has been making a square to Mars. Have men been pressing your buttons this week? Or have you had to do things twice and felt frustrated in trying to complete anything?

Find out more by watching my 10 minute YouTube video below

Songs for Healing Your Heart- Day 9 Letting Go

Since June 15th I have been posting songs that heal your heart on my sister site Your Soul Purpose.

Sunday June 23rd is Day 9 and I have chosen the song ‘Fly’ by Celine Dion.

In healing numerology, 9 is the number for letting go. As it takes 9 calendar months for a baby to be born, then this number precedes a birth.

This video is extremely beautiful. I chose it in memory of my mother, who died 10 years ago.

This song is dear to my heart as my sister and I chose to be played at my mother’s funeral. My mother had suffered from mental illness for over 30 years, so the words have a special meaning for us.

There can be no greater letting go than the death of a loved one.

I view death as a journey, a transition from one state of being to another. And in time, a rebirth of the soul.

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it”. Haruki Murakami

The Night I Died

by Tracy Cochran, Parabola, Jun 21, 2013

Yesterday I came across this story on Facebook about one woman’s near death experience and the presence of Love that she felt.  She was attacked and almost choking to death when this occurred:-

“It was then that I saw the light, just a glow at first but growing brighter until it became dazzling, welling up in the darkness to fill my whole body and mind. As it grew, this light gained a force and direction—an authority unknown to me. I remember marveling at the building intensity and intention, wondering where it had come from, not just low down in my body but from unseen depths—and then it became a column of brilliant white light that shot out of the top of my head, arcing high into the night sky.” Read in full

ancestral patterns
Ancestral Patterns. Card from The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano

Family Constellations -The ancestral story and Pluto

Talking with a friend who has trained in Family Constellations, I was struck by how similar our work is. She described how important is was to put the family into its ‘right’ order,  just like the planets have their correct order.

Our ancestors can be located in the birthchart, and soul level gifts embraced that heal old wounds.

Astrologically the planets that are furthest from us- ie. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ask that we delve deep into our soul’s journey.

At certain times in our lives-depending on our personal birthchart- we face the beginning of the Hero’s Journey. This may come earlier, but tends to come at the midlife crisis.

That is when Pluto makes a square-a challenging aspect to natal Pluto. And then a few years later Uranus also makes a square to itself in your chart. Uranus acts like lightening, it calls for sudden change which can result in chaos and upheaval in a person’s life.

The planet that governs the underworld-the unconscious- is Pluto. In the last 50 years it has transited through these signs:-
Leo 1939-1957
Virgo 1957-1972
Libra 1972-1984
Scorpio 1984-1995
Sagittarius 1995-2008
Capricorn 2008-2023

If your Sun or Moon was activated by the transit of Pluto through your sign, then you would know about it. It’s a time that is called the ‘dark night of the soul’.

As a Scorpio I have experienced this, which is when I found Psychology of Vision, and why I now work as a healer and am able to guide others through the dark times in their lives.

If not now, when? asks Eckhart Tolle
If not now, when? asks Eckhart Tolle

Healing Your Heart Coaching Consultation

Since the workshop ‘Healing Comes from the Heart’ with my mentor, Chuck Spezzano last month, I have been using a new healing technique in my consultations with great results.

This focuses on the chakras, especially the heart. We have all been wounded, and with the use of intuitive methods and astrological insights, I can help you identify times in your life of fractures to your chakras, and help you heal them.

I have space for these Soul Astrology Consultations via Skype or on the phone in June/July. This astrological healing coaching is for one and a half hours and the fee is £75.

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healing your heart workshop


Healing Your Heart Workshop July 13th/14th

This workshop is for a small group of 8 people.

Everyone gets a personal process based on their current issue, with insights from their astrological birthchart.

The focus of this weekend workshop and coaching is to help you with healing your heart and clearing up the unfinished business of the past, so you can fully embrace your soul’s purpose to be happy.

  •  Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed, hurt or heartbroken?
  • Are you in sacrifice and find it easy to give, but difficult to receive?
  • Are you stuck and want to reconnect with your vision and creativity?

This healing workshop is timed to work with one of the key portals of the year

On key days in the year we have a surge of energy from the planets to heal at a deep level with the power of Grace and step through a gateway in the mind to a higher consciousness.

This workshop is timed to coincide with such a time as Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces are forming a rare trine- a flow of energy- in the three emotional water signs.

This is an opportunity for healing at a deep level with the power of Grace.
A special emphasis will be on ancestral healing.

With that intention in mind, I invite you to join me on this workshop.



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Jupiter is also called Ganesha in Vedic astrology
Jupiter is also called Ganesha in Vedic astrology

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