Virgo New Moon-Calling All Angels

Time to Move Forward: Mars conjuncts Saturn at the Virgo New Moon

At the Virgo New Moon we have many planetary combinations.

First to become exact just hours later is Mars joining Saturn , releasing stress and giving us the go ahead to move forward. Mars is strong in Scorpio but has been held back by Saturn. Its like driving a car with the brakes on.

Saturn likes discipline and effort and Mars is exalted in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.

The Sun and Moon are the main players, and this week Neptune takes centre stage as the Sun moves to form an exact opposition on Friday 29th. This is a week to watch your dreams.

Neptune and the Royal Star of Persia

Pineal Gland: photo by Lennart Nielson
Pineal Gland: photo by Lennart Nielson

According to astrologer Stephanie Austin at a new moon the pineal gland is stimulated by a download of evolutionary energy. She calls the pineal gland our spiritual antenna. The pineal, our Third Eye, is associated with Neptune.

Neptune is our vision of perfection, our ideals. It’s where we are idealistic, imaginative and sympathetic. If Neptune is well placed in your chart you can be a channel, and have healing powers.

Negatively it’s self deception, hyper-sensitivity and vagueness. Neptune is associated with addiction, with patterns of sacrifice and martyrdom.

The fixed star Fomalhaut is opposite this New Moon at 2 degrees Pisces and close to Neptune at 6 degrees. It’s the star of ideals and dreams and one of the 4 Royal Stars of Persia, which are the Sentinels of the 4 directions.

Archangel Gabriel presides over the South and is the Divine Messenger. Wikipedia states that Gabriel’s mission is to announce mankind’s salvation.

Archangel Gabriel

Polyptych of the Resurrection Archangel Gabriel painted by Titan
Polyptych of the Resurrection- Archangel Gabriel painted by Titan

TRADITIONAL NAME God is my Strength and is the Archangel for Gemini

KEYWORDS Communication, Change, Wakefulness. HEAVENLY BODY Mercury

Gabriel provides a gateway and a bridge between the worlds.

He is the first Archangel we meet as we journey upwards whether on the mystical journey or as we move out of our present incarnation at death.

He brings messages from heaven down to earth, declaring new inspirations for humanity – the birth of Jesus and the divine word in the Koran.

ln old frescoes Gabriel kneels before Mary holding up a finger, as if to say ‘Pay attention!’ and this is also the message he brings to us all.

Gabriel asks us to be wakeful and to listen to the voice of the divine deep within our own hearts.

Gabriel brings golden vibrations into the soul and we translate them sometimes as music, poetry and dance, sometimes as inspirational messages to open the hearts of our fellow human beings.

Not all of us expect to see our name in lights, but working with Gabriel will bring an inner light and you will shine like a star.

Whenever there is change in your life Gabriel will be there – he is a transitional archangel. He reminds us of the promises we made before we incarnated, and may surprise us with new visions. His messages come in many forms; do not always expect them as dramatic visions, they may well be small signs that you will miss unless you are attentive!


“Gabriel, Archangel and messenger of divine intelligence, I am open to guidance and ask you to provide me with the information l need for my spiritual journey.

I am travelling on a path that sometimes seems winding and complicated; please bring clarity and insight. I am willing to change in order to move forward.” Excerpt from ‘Living With Angels’ by Theolyn Cortens

Angels and the Movies

Last night one of my all time favourite movies was on TV –‘City of Angels’ starring Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. After she dies the angel tells his best friend:-

The angel Seth (played by Nicholas Cage) : I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it.

The music in this film is stunning. Listen to ‘In The Arms of the Angel’ sung by Sarah Mclachlan

Planetary Movements

All times are BST. The Moon travels through 3 signs- Virgo- Libra-Scorpio.

25th Sun in Virgo New Moon 15.12pm

  • Mercury sextile Mars 09.46
  • Venus trine Uranus 10.38
  • Mercury sextile Saturn 13.29
  • Mars joins Saturn at 20.20

26th Venus square Saturn 19.21 Commit to love

27th Venus square Mars 16.45,

  • Moon into Libra 22.54

28th No major aspects

29th Sun opposite Neptune 15.32  Divine Connection. Enchanted by an ideal? Channel your compassion into reaching out to others.

30th Saturday Moon into Scorpio 9.32.

  • Moon trine Neptune 21.41

31st Moon joins Saturn 20.10 (this happens once a month but can be an emotionally ‘down’ day)



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  • August 25, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    thank you Pam for an extremely emotional and beautiful astrology.

    The City of Angels excerpt was lovely and the Robin William tribute was exceptionally emotional and brilliant. i haven’t seen or heard of the film so will look out for it now.

    Robin Williams will be having an amazing time with the angels thats for sure!! 🙂

    love and laughter, Lesley-Ann x

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