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Archetypes and Astrology

Archetypes are the basics of astrology Jung pioneered archetypes and they have been further developed by teachers such as Joseph Campbell, Chuck Spezzano and Caroline Myss. To better understand the blueprint that you were born with -your astrological birth chart

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Saturn Lord of Karma

Your Guide to Spiritual Mastery Saturn represents authority, discipline, hard work, labour and commitment. It’s also about guilt, resistance and delay. Saturn in our birth chart is where we feel most inadequate – our Achilles heel. Its the voice that says “You’ll never be good

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Mercury the Messenger

Alchemist or Trickster? Mercury is the planet of communication and the fastest moving planet (except for the Moon) whizzing through a sign in approx 3 weeks. It takes on the energy of the sign it is in. Never far from the Sun it can only

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Destiny and the Nodes of the Moon

The North and South Node form an axis which represents our destiny or spiritual quest in life and our past lives. This axis is also linked with our purpose. A sense of purpose can help us overcome the toughest difficulties in our lives, by taking

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