Archetypes and Astrology

The Messenger from ‘Archetypes and Shadows’ by Chuck Spezzano

Archetypes are the basics of astrology

Jung pioneered archetypes and they have been further developed by teachers such as Joseph Campbell, Chuck Spezzano and Caroline Myss.

To better understand the blueprint that you were born with -your astrological birth chart -it is worth knowing  your Archetypal allies.

The 3 most important things to know about your chart are what signs are your Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Your Sun is your spirit, the Moon your soul and the ascendant your personality or a mask you show the world behind which you may hide, and through which you expresses yourself.

Soul Purpose

To discover more about your soul’s purpose you need to know about your North Node, which indicates the destination your soul wants you to head for in this lifetime. The sign it’s in is often at odds with the Sun and Moon sign, so there might be a lot of resistance to this different energy.

The Vocation Report is excellent for telling you abut the nodes in your chart, the signs they are in, and the aspects.

The main archetypes in astrology are listed below. An example of someone with the Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus and Cancer ascendant, one would say they were “A Sorcerer with the soul of an Earth Spirit, wearing the mask of the Mother.”

To buy a report that focuses on this concept written by Steven Forrest, see ‘The Sky Within’ Astrology Report.

archetypes It’s worth mentioning that there also shadows with every archetype and these we tend to project out onto someone else. As a group we also have collective shadow figures- Adolf Hitler, Osmana Bin Laden, or President Donald Trump being prime examples.

Integrating the shadow and seeing it as a gateway to our higher mind is an important principle that Pam uses with her clients. See Coaching>