Full Moon in Pisces-Dream Time

Connect with Neptune at this Full Moon in Pisces 

libra balancing the scales
Libra balancing the scales

At this Full Moon in Pisces with the Sun in the last degrees of Virgo, we are moving into a season of planets in peace loving Libra.

Mercury Retrogrades in Libra-spending 68 days in this sign, the Sun moves into Libra at the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd, and Mars is in Libra until October 30th.

  • Moon joins Neptune in Pisces-Dream time. 
  • Mercury in Libra trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. This happens 3 times as Mercury goes retrograde. Take note of any messages or ideas that come your way as Jupiter-King of the Gods is speaking to you!
  • Venus in Scorpio applies to square Saturn- be aware of feeling trapped and not good enough. Use the opposition to Uranus on September 23rd to focus on the creative ideas that come out of the blue.
  • Mars in Libra trine to Jupiter-take action and commit to your Vision. Jupiter brings faith to inspire you.

 With trines its easy to fall into a sense of well-being and relaxing thereby not doing anything. Trines are passive. However as Mars joins the Sun and opposes the Moon Neptune, my advise is to take action to make your dreams come true. See Pluto as your powerful ally.

Sun in Virgo until the Equinox

Time to focus on health and healing. Be prepared for the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Back up your website-a spare hard disk is a simple method. If grief is coming up then I recommend the homeopathic remedy ignatia. I was given it after my beloved cat Angel died and it really helped me heal the loss in a gentle way. Clear clutter to help make way for the new season ahead.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is now in Libra until November 5th. It turns retrograde on September 27th. See below for MasterClass.

Venus- The Lover

On September 10th Venus moves into the seductive sign of Scorpio. Get out that black/red dress! Scorpio is ruled by 2 planets, Mars and Pluto. Since Mars is in Libra (Venus’s sign) they are exchanging signs.

Mars- The Warrior

Mars is now in Libra so it has to be diplomatic, which is contrary to its nature. However its close trine with Saturn and the North Node of the Moon indicates that its energy can be used constructively toward making long lasting connections that assist the manifestation of plans.

 Jupiter: The Explorer/Teacher

Jupiter takes approx. 12 years to travel through the 12 signs. Jupiter rules the Law and it concerned with Truth. Where Jupiter is placed in your chart is where you find your Faith. Jupiter is now retrograde and has returned into Aquarius- The sign of the humanitarian- on July 28th to give a final boost- the feel good factor- to all air signs- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. It re-enters Pisces on December 29th. Water signs then benefit-Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces next year until May 10th.  Then again October 29th until December 20th 2022.

Saturn: The Strategist/Authority

Saturn takes approx. 2 and a half years to go through a sign. It is now retrograde in Aquarius, a sign it co-rules with Uranus. The theme of the year is Saturn in a tense relationship (a square) with Uranus. This is the old versus the new. Rebellion and protest marches are seen in the news on a daily basis. Which side are you on?  Do you obey the rules? Or do you revolt?

The Hanged ManNeptune: The Dreamer/Visionary

At the Full Moon on September 21st Neptune is close to the Moon. An ideal time to keep a dream journal. I also highly recommend a book by Caroline Myss ‘Intimate Conversations with the Divine-Prayer, Guidance and Grace’. I am opening it at random every day and the synchronicities are amazing! Reading each prayer has become my daily spiritual practice.

Neptune is The Hanged Man in the tarot, the most spiritual card in the deck. Neptune is the place in our birth chart that connects us to our Vision, to the ideal. In Pisces that is the 8th chakra, God the Mother. The colour is magenta, and in Aura-Soma is known as ‘love in the little things’.

 Uranus- The Renegade/Awakener

Uranus takes approx 7 years to go through a sign and always brings change/revolution. It is the planet that rules inventions and genius. Its now in Taurus (May 2018-April 2026 approx.) and we are witnessing the alarming news about climate change. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and as it’s an earth sign, we are now concerned with agriculture, our food chain and an awakening to our planet’s resources. In our daily lives Uranus wants to shake thing up. Weeding is both physical and metaphorical.

Pluto-The Transformer/Regenerator

Pluto is the slowest moving planet and currently travelling through Capricorn from 2008 until 2024. It is the God of the Underworld and the unconscious. It is assigned to Scorpio who also have Mars as their ruler. The transit of Pluto in Capricorn calls for deconstruction of the establishment and institutions.

Each sign of the zodiac is connected to one of these archetypes.

Aries: The Warrior, Taurus: The Lover, Gemini: The Storyteller, Cancer: The Mother,
Leo: The Sovereign, Virgo: The Healer, Libra: The Diplomat, Scorpio: The Transformer,
Sagittarius: The Explorer, Capricorn: The Strategist, Aquarius: The Renegade and Pisces: The Dreamer.

Key Dates: September/ October

21st Full Moon in Pisces 00.55 BST

22nd Autumn Equinox Sun enters Libra 20.21 BST Mercury square Pluto but trines Jupiter

23rd Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

25th Mars trine Saturn great day for manifesting

27th Mercury goes retrograde at 6.10 BST. It stays in Libra from August 30th until November 5th, so 10 weeks.

 6th October New Moon in Libra Mercury and Pluto go direct

7th October Venus moves into Sagittarius

8th October Sun joins Mars in Libra Diplomacy flies out the window! An intense day.

9th October Mercury joins the Sun and Mars.

9th October Moon joins Venus in Sagittarius-The Third Eye chakra opens.



masterclass mercury retrogradeMasterClass: Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde in Libra focuses on relationships, on balance and finding your equilibrium, your centre. These are the qualities of Libra.

There is one extra special contact that it makes. On 3 separate days Mercury will be aligned with the fixed stars Spica and Arcturus. It is rare to have Mercury pass Spica and Arcturus three times.

Spica is the brilliant star in the left hand of the Goddess holding the wheatsheaf in the constellation of Virgo. Its one of the magical Behenian fixed stars. Want to know more?

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