‘Inception’ and our 12th House of Dreams

On 14th August Uranus returned into Pisces after its brief stay in Aries. It will now stay in Pisces until 12th March 2011. When a planet retrogrades back into the sign it has just left, it is resolving unfinished business. Jupiter will join it in Pisces on 9th September.

Uranus is the quirkiest, most eccentric planet and rules all things that are out of the ordinary, weird and innovative. It governs astrology and science fiction. It is also the Rebel and Outsider. Pisces’ planet Neptune governs fantasy and the movies, which always reflect the fashion of the time and the collective unconscious.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and its the archetype of the Dreamer and the Mystic. The ‘Awakening’ that is happening on the planet that portends 2012, is the relationship between the spiritual and the scientific. If you haven’t read ‘Busting Loose from the Money Game’ or ‘The Holographic Universe’ I urge you to. They explain – in an highly entertaining way – what Quantum Physics has been saying for decades and what Mystics have known for ever.

August 24th Full Moon

At this Full Moon the Sun is now in Virgo, the Moon in Pisces. Mercury is retrograde, The miners in Chile have been found but their rescue will take another 3 -4 months.

The earth energy is strong all month until the Autumn Equinox. This is an excellent time for clearing, detoxing, sorting out your diet and nutrition. If you feel overwhelmed by the water energy, then filing is especially useful as it helps organise and clears the mind.

‘Inception’ a movie exploring the dream world and the nature of reality

I saw this film two weeks ago and it has stayed with me as the ending is so thought provoking. I love the cinema and in my Astrology Course I will recommend films that demonstrate astrological archetypes. Part ‘˜Bourne Conspiracy’ part ‘Matrix’ as my friend Geraldine described it, it is an exciting thriller that goes way deeper than the average action movie.

The theme is the nature of reality and the subconscious- our dream world. The story is inspired by the concepts of lucid dreaming ) and dream incubation. This is the stuff that Carlos Castenanda wrote about.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, an “extractor”, who enters the dreams of others to spy and obtain valuables information that is otherwise inaccessible.

The movie’s plot explores his final mission where he has to plant an idea, a process known as “inception” deep in the dreamer’s mind, so the dreamer believes it is theirs.

We are taken into deeper and deeper levels of the mind and travel into the unconscious- the Void – the limbo land of nothingness. The ending is a real conundrum.

The 12th House in our birth chart is our personal dream world

In astrology the dream world is the 12th house of our birth chart. This is naturally related to Pisces and the element of water, which features strongly in the film.

It is the most unconscious sector of our chart, and is the womb, the place before birth where we absorb psychically what is going on with our mother. Its where we incubate our most creative ideas. Accessing and understanding it, will greatly help us in our vocation and soul purpose.

We have the least awareness, and most resistance, to planets in our 12th house. We tend to project the energy out onto someone else in our world.

Giving away our power to others

This information is really important because this is where another person can have power over us. It’s as if they get the final vote over certain areas of our lives!

Certain astrological factors in a natal horoscope produce internal energies which resist assimilation by the ego, creating problems from the unconscious in our lives in the life areas ruled by, or corresponding to, these energies.

If they are unconscious, the talents and abilities they represent are projected out into other people, who seem to have those talents and abilities that you don’t, or who hassle you in your daily life.

Those consciousness resistant factors that are also basic archetypes – your board of directors -are especially important, because, if they are unconscious in you, other people have the last vote over certain areas of your life.

How can you find out what they are?

You can order an astrology report to find out what planets you have in your 12th house (and those in your 7th house). If you have none, then you need to look at the sign on the cusp of those houses and locate that planet. If that doesn’t make sense to you then book a consultation or better still sign up for my Astrology Course.

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