Leo Solar Eclipse 2017 and the USA

Leo Solar Eclipse on Regulus-The Royal Star

Regulus, the Royal Star at 28 degrees Leo is activated at this Leo Solar eclipse on August 21st 2017. This is extremely important as this is the signature of President Trump whose Mars and Ascendant are at this degree. In my Masterclass video above I discuss his birth chart. All leaders are under the spotlight at this Leo Solar Eclipse, including past presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The eclipse degree is active for 6 months, so until January 21st 2018.

The Path of the Eclipse and Charleston

Notice how the eclipse path enters the USA in Portland, Oregon and leaves at Charleston in South Carolina. The recent violence and demonstrations in Charlottesville in Virginia have stirred up passions and outrage over the weak response of President Trump.

The divide beween the South and the North- the civil war-is still alive in the collective memory of the USA. The first battle started on April 12th 1861 in Charleston. The significance astrologically is that the transit of Pluto is currently conjunct the North Node in Capricorn of that chart.

Any transit of Pluto to a birth chart will bring up hidden issues. The start date of the American Civil War is a very important date in history.

Pluto probes much deeper, shining light on our darkness. Transiting Pluto offers us the chance to evolve and to rebirth. Pluto acts to strip away what is unnecessary or superficial in our lives. Pluto wants deep experience of the transformational kind. Things that are not working for us, whether they are thought processes or lifestyles, undergo a transformation. Pluto transits bring about rebirths of sorts in the areas of life affected. Pluto transits are about letting go of things that are holding us back from deep and meaningful experience. Cafe Astrology


The chakras and their connection to the Tree of Life

tree of lifeAn eclipse is a Cosmic reset button, a rebooting, so take advantage of this energy.

Watch your dreams over the next few days.

And note 28 degrees in your birth chart. This is a potent degree for the next 6 months! Mercury will go direct at the exact degree of the eclipse -28 degrees Leo- on September 5th. Watch the news on that day to further understand the relevance of this powerful eclipse.

At an eclipse there is an alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun. During the eclipse in 1999 I had an intuitive insight that this is a direct channel opening us to the dimensions of Neptune, ruler of Kether in the Tree of Life, representing the Crown chakra.

In the tarot Neptune is The Hanged Man, the most spiritual card in the pack.

Neptune offers us compassion for the suffering we see in or world, for forgiveness and transcendence into the higher realms of The Mystic.

Self forgiveness and being kind to oneself is vital at this time.

Its best not to start a new project on the day of an eclipse. Ideally it’s a time for meditation, doing yoga, anything that involves connecting with Source, rather than ‘doing’.

Meditation for you may be walking, or gardening, any task that takes you out of your head space. I love the work of Deepak Chopra as he uses simple yet powerful sanskrit mantras.

An eclipse is also a time to acknowledge the shadow. Eclipses are activating the shadow, the darkness and the nodes of the Moon are known as the dragon’s head and the dragon’s tail. However know that dragons sit on buried treasure. The bigger the problem in your life, the bigger the gift lies underneath.

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