Pisces Full Moon joins Neptune

Are you an Empath? If so you may be feeling deep emotions at this Pisces Full Moon joins Neptune

pisces full moon 2017Its not every year that the annual Pisces Full Moon joins Neptune.

If you are an empath then this full moon may be bringing up deep sadness for the events in the world and connection with the stories of people you have never met. This is called Christ consciousness- a high spiritual state – but it can be overwhelming. The tarot card of The Hanged Man comes to mind.

This is significant as Neptune is the God of the Sea, the planet of illusion, blurred boundaries, floods and grief.

As the Sun is in Virgo, its ruler Mercury is key to the theme of this Full Moon. Mercury stations direct at the exact degree of the Solar Eclipse. World events always reflect eclipses, and the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and the lesser reporting of the events in South East Asia.

Only last week the monsoon rains – dumping walls of water on Nepal and east India – flooded one-third of Bangladesh. “Farmers are left with nothing, not even with clean drinking water,” said Red Cross and Crescent leaders on the sodden ground. Count more than 1,200 more dead.”

The Guardian reported it and veteran journalist Peter Preston wrote an article on how Death in Bangladesh doesn’t draw a crowd like Melania Trump’s fashion and Hurricane Harvey.

Healing Remedies

This is a month when vibrational medicine such as homeopathy and flower remedies can truly help with deep feelings.

Years ago one of my beloved cats died and I was weeping in the street. A wise woman offered me the remedy ignatia and it helped me grieve without being overwhelmed by the emotions.

The word loss almost underpins the Ignatia reaction, because they do not cope well with loss. This can be loss of anything important, such as status, a treasured possession, or something they have become attached to.

The most devastating loss, however, is the loss of a loved one, be that a relative, friend, pet or lover. This will fill them with desolation.

They will be aware of the empty hole that is created in their life and they may feel empty inside. They will feel genuinely heartbroken.

Ignatia may be needed when grief is prolonged, or when ailments start following a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, or some other important loss. They get love­sick.

They can also feel upset if they feel that they have failed someone, as if they have failed in their duty. They will dwell on this and agonise about it. www.britishhomeopathic.org

Major Planetary Changes

Saturn is now moving forward, so plans for any projects that you have had on hold get the go ahead.

Mercury has now started to move forward, and will reach its exaltation sign of Virgo on September 10th. The ‘shadow’ lasts until 19th September. Communication gets clearer and if you are a writer/healer this starts an excellent month for you.

Mars is now in Virgo until 2nd October, increasing the focus on health and healing, purification, discrimination and getting our priorities sorted.

Mars takes 2 years to travel around the zodiac, so this increase in Virgo’s energy can kick start a health programme. If you need to look at your nutrition and addictions, then Mercury’s move back into Virgo will really help you focus.

There is a tricky aspect between Venus in fiery Leo and the Moon/Neptune conjunction in watery Pisces. This is a conflict between the archetypes of The Lover and The Mother. Watch my video to find out more,


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