Full Moon in Sagittarius-What’s the truth?

Sagittarius full moon

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is next to optimistic Jupiter Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter- the planet of the law, the King of the Gods. However Jupiter is challenged by Neptune in Pisces- the planet of illusion. This is an ongoing transit that is being highlighted at this full Moon in Sagittarius. Added to this we have the

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Plan Ahead for Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

mercury retrograde in gemini

Plan Ahead for Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Pam gives advance info on the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Gemini which begins on May 19th. Mercury travels through Gemini from May 1st right up until July 23rd! Gemini is the sign of the twins, governed by Mercury. Gemini is great at asking questions-the Archetype of The Journalist- and being inquisitive.

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