New Moon in Gemini-Tune into the Messages from the Angels

gemini new moon 2019

At this New Moon in Gemini, with the Sun and Mercury aligned with Mercury, we are being asked to be the journalist- to ask questions, to listen, to observe and gather information. Mercury is the left logical brain and has just opposed Jupiter-the right intuitive brain. Integrating both is the answer. The tarot card of The Lovers exemplifies

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New Moon in Taurus Celebrate the Goddess

Taurus new moon celebrate the goddess

 Venus -The Warrioress Goddess in Aries With Uranus now in Taurus, Extinction Rebellion hit the headlines over Easter in the UK. This is a movement that is going to last. Venus moved into Aries on May 20th- the energy of The Warrioress who fights for a cause. The young woman, Greta Thunberg was in the news as she

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Shock at the Full Moon in Libra April 19th 2019

Uranus shock at the full moon in Libra

High Level Stress as the Sun joins Uranus at the Full Moon in Libra If you have any planet at the last degree of any sign in your birth chart it’s now receiving a major jolt of energy. This could be highly stressful, so please be patient. It too shall pass. Once the Sun moves past Uranus on

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Aries New Moon New Beginnings and Healing

Aries new moon symbol the ram

New Moon in Aries-The Pioneer Wherever Aries is in your birth chart is now receiving a major turbo boost of energy. What is Sun in Aries activating for you? Its the first sign of the zodiac in the element of fire, so its the perfect time of the year to initiate something new. To be a pioneer. The

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Healing Your Heart Day 19: ‘100,000 Angels’

100000 Angels

Songs for Healing Your Heart- Soul Level Rebirth Song for today- ‘100,000 Angels’ by Bliss 12 years ago a friend asked me what music to play while she was giving birth. Then co-incidentally a day later, another friend recommended this song to me, and played it on the phone. It was the perfect song. I have played this

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