Gemini New Moon and Summer Solstice

angel trumpet

Blowing Your Own Trumpet This week’s new Moon at the final degrees of Gemini has made me reflect about the message of this New Moon, and how important are the qualities of speaking, thinking and listening. Listening to the news yesterday I heard some great stories. This news reflects the energy of this New Moon. What did you

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Running Through the Fire

This is a story that my dear friend Andrew Wallas related on his website. It is well worth reading and passing on. “Recently, my mother shared with me an astounding titbit she saw on National Geographic. Would you believe, she said, that the animals in Africa mostly likely to survive a fire are not the ones who run

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A Magical Day – April Full Moon in Scorpio

Do You Believe in Magic? This Full Moon is a Magical Day -  Mercury the Messenger joins with the power of the Sun. It’s is a day for genius. Allow a space in the day for the Universe to communicate – to download inspiration from the stars! This conjunction creates a window of extra-sensory perception, enhanced by the

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