August New Moon in Leo


New Moon in Leo – Leadership and the Ancestors Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun. This is our Star, and where light and power enters our birth charts. It’s the fifth sign of the zodiac and this New Moon falls exactly on the star called Regulus in the heart of Leo, the lion. The lion is,

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How are you feeling? What does your heart tell you?

Kuan Yin

Pisces New Moon February has been a month of big changes that are building to the upcoming Uranus square Pluto in June. First we had Neptune moving into the sign of Pisces, then Saturn went retrograde at 29 degrees of Libra on 7th. Mars is also retrograde. When a planet goes retrograde it shows us our issues 3

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October New Moon in Libra Part 1

“I am the Master of my Fate”:  October New Moon in Libra – Saturn’s Story of Commitment This month I have recorded a short 5 minute video describing the chart (pictured right) that show the themes for the next month. Click on the pic and you’ll see my video on Jing. Jing is free and fun to play

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‘Inception’ and our 12th House of Dreams

On 14th August Uranus returned into Pisces after its brief stay in Aries. It will now stay in Pisces until 12th March 2011. When a planet retrogrades back into the sign it has just left, it is resolving unfinished business. Jupiter will join it in Pisces on 9th September. Uranus is the quirkiest, most eccentric planet and rules

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Running Through the Fire

This is a story that my dear friend Andrew Wallas related on his website. It is well worth reading and passing on. “Recently, my mother shared with me an astounding titbit she saw on National Geographic. “Would you believe,” she said, “that the animals in Africa mostly likely to survive a fire are not the ones who run

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